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Saturday, August 31, 2013

US responsible for not able to help

Syria: This is a sticky situation for sure. The real problem here is the United States has lost it's power, it is not seen  by the world as a powerful nation any longer. The United States was once seen as the big the powerful nation that other nations did not  cross.Thanks to wimpy, apologetic leaders of the US we have lost that power. When Bush said we will hunt down and kill...... etc that was good for our status in the world. But we now have a president that has gone around the world and for whatever reasons bowed down to other leaders and apologized for things that,1) are not altogether true 2) did not, will not make other countries like us 3) served to let others know we are going to be a different country and have given up our place in the world. It is truly a sad situation but the US does not have the power of being the big guy in the "neighborhood" who looks out for others. Complain all you want but the US was, overall, the good guy, we didn't go in to take over nations and for the most part we left areas better off. Of course there are always examples of negative things that happened but the overall picture was better. Anyway there is no easy solution to this mess. It is,  the fault of the leaders of the US for not keeping itself strong. The people also bare responsibility  for electing leaders that have secret agendas, want to change the country from it's original founding and bring the country down a "few notches."