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Friday, May 28, 2010

United Nations - TEEB Got It Wrong, Humans are Part of Nature

The United Nation's TEEB report states that humans have damaged about 1/3 of the Earth's habitat.  Other than the fact the word “damage” has many meanings there is another factor that  seems to have  been overlooked, animals. What about the animals,  they tear up jungles, eat away miles upon miles of nature, killing other animals just to   survive. For example, how many mussels, clams and fish are destroyed by  other animals each day? Cows and pigs just might be the third or fourth largest producers of gas released into the atmosphere. How many tons of hay do horses plant  each year, how many do they eat? We all know humans and their  record when it comes to keeping the water clean but, what about the fish in the oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, ponds and creeks?
I am not saying man doesn't need to be responsible for the way he treats the planet but the animals get a free pass, because they are nature.  I am a man and believe it or not I am part of nature!
 Now what about the TEEB REPORT, who comes up with it and what  do they say about it? TEEB is a UN study titled The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for National and International Policy Makers. According to its website,
The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) study is a major international initiative to draw attention to the global economic benefits of biodiversity, to highlight the growing costs of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation, and to draw together expertise from the fields of science, economics and policy to enable practical actions moving forward...TEEB is hosted by the United Nations Environment Program and supported by the European Commission, the German Federal Environment Ministry and the UK government's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, recently joined by Norway’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs and The Netherland’s Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment.
TEEB was put together by a worldwide group of scientists, business leaders and specialists in a variety of disciplines, headed by Indian banker Pavan Sukhdev.
Pretty impressive, right?  Well, apparently not in the eyes of its creators, because, as with so many documents today, they included a disclaimer, saying views expressed in the report are purely those of the authors and may not in any circumstances be regarded as stating an official position of the organizations involved.OK, so the people who came up with the information are not the ones who put the report together and the group that is using the report are distancing themselves from it!  But please don't get me wrong, each and every word of this report could be true — or not!
Speaking of each and every word, lets take a look at a few of's words about the report,
The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has previously estimated that species are becoming extinct at a rate 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than it would naturally be without humans.
OK, I am sick of it. Humans are on this earth naturally, as in part of nature. I am sick of others telling me I am not part of nature. I did nothing to get here. Nothing, and I knew nothing about anything before I got here so, yes it needs to be said and I am saying it, Humans are a part of nature!  In fact, I would say, more so than the other animals and plants.
Now you know what this natural man believes

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Liar Liar Riding Shorts On Fire!

Cyclist Floyd Landis, who had  his 2006 Tour de France champion title taken away after he tested positive for "doping" (positive for testosterone), now admits to "doping".  He now accuses his former team cyclist, including Lance Armstrong, of "doping."
 " I don't know the man, but what he wants us to believe is a little hard to swallow!"
This is after he said,
"I don't feel guilty at all about having doped,"  "I did what I did because that's what we did and it was a choice I had to make after 10 years or 12 years of hard work to get there; and that was a decision I had to make to make the next step. My choices were, do it and see if I can win, or don't do it and I tell people I just don't want to do that, and I decided to do it."  ( What did he just say? Sounds to me he said, I had a choice and I chose to "dope.")
He also wrote a book, "False Positive" claiming his innocents  and now I am supposed to feel good about the fact he might be coming clean, it's just my opinion but if he wants to come clean, do it but not while pointing fingers.  Why should anyone believe him?  He has lied some much, both in his book and  his own words, it reminds me of the old phase, "watch his mouth, when it is open he is lying" Sorry there bud, but you can't have it both ways.
 You doped, you got caught, "you denied it," you kept on denying it, you wrote a book denying  it  and now when you've  "come clean"   you are spreading blame to others and trying  to take them down too!  Something is starting to smell a little fishy!!!!!
 Sucks to be out of the lime light now doesn't it? If he came clean and didn't mention  Lance Armstrong do you really think there would be headlines?
I think not, not among the general public. However, put the name Lance Armstrong in the mixed and you have instant news coverage!!

 Since the  06 positive test, he has denied doping. He wrote a book, "Positively False," disputing his positive test and solicited donations for a costly legal campaign to overturn his ban and clear his name. Now he wants everyone to believe that  he did dope only because, HERE IT COMES...... EVERYBODY ELSE DID!!!   Wait, this time he is really telling the truth and naming names so that makes his story more believable? I think not!  I could go on and on but I won't.... However, I do love the story where the bus full of cyclist pulled off on the side of the road and all the entire team got  blood transfusions! But who am I to think otherwise???????????
* Can't say if he did or not, or if others did or not, but the more I sniff the fishier it smells...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blagojevich - ( Impeached) " Ex" Governor of IL, A Piece Of Work!

Blagojevich  accused of trying to secure a  job in exchange for naming White House adviser Valerie Jarrett — referred to as “Candidate B,” to the Senate seat made available by Obama.

Blagojevich’s defense team has been on a subpoena spree : Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) have received subpoenas. U.S. District Judge James Zagel ruled last month that the former governor’s lawyers could not compel testimony from Obama.
In a January 2009  Blagojevich said,he believes the testimony of other public officials will exonerate me.
“If I can bring [Obama’s] chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, in to testify … if I can bring Valerie Jarrett, a top staffer to President Obama in to testify, if I can bring Congressman Jackson, Sen. Durbin, Sen. Reid, Sen.  Menendez , Elvis, Ben Hurr, Captain America, Vanna White, Mickey Mouse, Jimmy Olsen,  Clark Kent and  even Mr. White along with  a whole host of other people. "If I could get  every single person I talked to about the Senate seat, I can clear my name" … "and fairness and justice will prevail,” Blagojevich said. Blagojevich had hoped to get testimony to fight impeachment proceedings in the Illinois Legislature but ...Opps!, He  failed and ultimately was removed from office.
  All I can say is keep the faith man, you are going to need it! 
 I will just leave it at that for now..... No offense but "some" of you guys in Chicago, Boy Oh Boy, you say it, so you think it must be so!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010


This was a very nice water fall in Greenville SC. The day was perfect and the company was even better. And this concludes this test of the blog..........

Healthcare Law Discriminates Against Jews & Christians - Time To Ask The Religion Czar Why

The New Healthcare law discriminates against Christians and Jews by denying them exemptions extended to other religions.  The requirement that you must purchased healthcare insurance or be subject to fines enforced by the IRS.

 These exemptions are  reserved for Muslims, Scientologists, Amish, Christian Scientists and Native American Indians who have a “conscientious objection” to insurance.
   Separation between church and "state" right? 
 Who is deciding which religions get the pass?
Does one need a religion to be a conscientious objector? If this is the case then what Dept. of the government and who is the religion Czar? 
 Of course I ask these question, partly in jest because I know there will be no answer coming from the government. Besides the politicians in DC these days are so much smarter and know what is best for all the people. (Wait, did I just say that.....??)
 In any case the fact still remains certain religions are  exempt from  certain parts of the new healthcare law. 
Maybe this is something you want to ask your Congressman or Congresswoman.    (Representatives)

3 Immigrants Arrested!

3 Arrested On Immigrations Violations

      It is simply horrible, three men were arrested on immigrations violations. However, it should come as no surprise. People and officials have been talking about the new Arizona law for some time now..."we knew this was going to happen, it was only a matter of time." "They are only beginning to "round them up" it is going to get worse."
      The three men were arrested as authorities searched homes and businesses. "Oh My Gawd", residents were outraged and spoke of Nazi like police searching house to house. " This  is only going to get worse, I can't believe it is happening in this country." "What's next concentration camps?"
   As people questioned what the future might hold it became clear the three men were arrested and held on immigrations violations which are administrative, not criminal charges. Their names were  not being released by authorities.

        Hold on, "don't get your shorts in a knot"!
 First off, this had nothing to do with Arizona, the raids came about because of evidence gathered during the investigation into the Time Square Car Bombing attempt. The three men were Pakistani, not Mexican. Two were seizes in Boston,the third in Maine, by the F B I.
    The attorney General, Eric Holder told reporters, there is enough evidence  the men provided Faisal Shahzad an American  suspected in  the New York  car bomb attempt, with money. The FBI had not yet determined if the three actually knew the money was  going to be used for a terrorist act.
Some of the very same laws that Arizona  made  state law were used to "round-up" the men.
 Maybe that Arizona law isn't so bad or far fetch after all?????

Arizona Law

OK everyone stop freaking out over the new law in Arizona and read the law. It makes being illegal, illegal.
Wow now there is a radical idea!