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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Waste not, want not .... Government Wasting Millions!

 Wasting millions of dollars on.......

You have got to see this, 
Please click here and watch --->

          The US government is wasting millions of dollars, yes, millions of dollars making coins:
                                       a) Nobody,(for the most part) wants     
                                       b) Most people don't know exist
                                       c) We don't need
                                       d) We  are going to  spend hundreds of thousands of
                                            dollars to build a place to store the unused coins
                                       e)  Are going to cost hundreds of thousands  of dollars to ship
                                             to storage.
                                        f) Are still being produced, (right now they are 
                                            being made, bagged, boxed and stored.)

        Is   anyone   sane   in   this   government?

Better yet, PEOPLE, please elect a president next year that is, at the very least, sane and has a touch of business sense. ( Maybe even a little common sense might help)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Guidance and Direction from "The State" -

           Irene swept up the east coast this past weekend, although damage was not as great as had been expected, ... there was damage and lots of damage. Power outages are still  affecting millions of people as well as the aftermath of flooding, high winds and downed trees. Parts of the Outer Banks of NC are now cut off, as the water split the main road and formed a new water way to the back bay.
          The President of the United States spoke to the people, especially those who had been adversely affected. The president told those  in the wake of Irene, to get outside, when it is safe to do so, and help each other in this time of need. Check on your neighbors, come together and start to  rebuild, first your spirit, then your homes and lives. The  government disaster teams are on their way to help you. OH NO, WAIT... HE WOULDN'T SAY ANYTHING LIKE THAT.....!!!!!! This is the Obama - Government Can Fix Everything  - Administration. He said" I urge Americans in affected areas to continue to listen for the guidance and direction of their state... ."
            Americans  are "can do" people. Americans, able to take care of themselves, do  so and, if possible, help those who can't. I guess, it struck me the wrong way when I heard the president of the United States of America telling people to take guidance and direction from "the state." ( It's this mind set that worries many people in this country)
            I am pretty sure  he meant well, but he should know by now, "the State" isn't what makes this country GREAT, it's the PEOPLE!
 ( I am not implying there is anything wrong or evil  with the help  coming from State workers or aid in the form of $'s.)
We all need to remember, the power comes from the people not the government.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Free Speech - Censorship Something Fishy Is Going On!

A “free-speech”  trick is coming from the Obama Administration.  The Federal Communications Commission  announced they were doing away with the “Fairness” Doctrine.  This federal doctrine of the 40'S    was to ensure the broadcasters gave equal time to differing political opinions.  However, the so called Fairness Doctrine was a back handed Censorship doctrine. 

       Don't be fooled, the FCC is implementing a set of "rules " to "serve the public interest"      ( wink wink).  These rules are being set up before doing away with the doctrine. Rules of  "localism," "media diversity" and requirements for  stations to "serve the public interest"  give the FCC the power to limit speech they don't agree with or like.

      These rules give unelected and  unaccountable people at the FCC the power to regulate how much  air time broadcaster must devote to "local issues" thus limiting the  amount of air time aka programs listeners want.

     The Diviersity  rule could deny the right of station owners to renew their licenses solely on racial grounds.

     American  of the past didn't give their lives so the 1st amendment could be stepped on by government employees of the FCC . These rules and regulations are a back handed  way  for the federal government to control what people hear. 

      It seems  censorship, control  of the air waves,  the end of free speech  and certain radio talk shows by the government  isn't as far away as one might  believe.

      You can read more about these actions being taken by your government at

Thursday, August 11, 2011

$35,00.00 to $40,000.00 A Week for the President's Vacation House!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                        Leaving Air Force-1, 2010  Martha's Vineyard Vacation

  About $35,000.00 to $40,000.00 should cover the cost of the rental house the President and his family will be using for a week of R&R. All American's will feel better knowing  the Obamas will be paying their share of the vacation home and the taxpayers will be paying for the White House staff's and all of the security people's portion, just like we did last year!!!!
 I do wonder,  who is paying for the fuel cost to get the Obamas and the White House staff,  all the Security people and vehicles to  Martha's Vineyard. How many gallons of  jet fuel and gasoline and at what cost??  What will  this, well needed, vacation   cost the American taxpayer?
I dare say, it will be more than  a very large number of families make in a year.......
 They are cutting cost in Washington, sure they are, if you don't believe it just ask the President.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where's the beef?

          The people of the United States are asking you, Mr. President, "Where's the Beef?".
 Where is the beef in  the United State sandwich, in other words, what is your plan Mr. President? Your speeches and talks sound impressive  but what is your plan?
It's one thing to say, the burger is good, the best around, has always been the best, better than any other, AAA etc. but with no meat it is EMPTY. Where is the beef?

          You wanted to be President, you were elected and  now President, that doesn't mean you just acting like a president. No, you have to actually do something, plan, work and I might add, stop  campaigning  the election is a ways off, show the people that voted for you last time you  deserve to be reconsidered much less re-elected. If I had my way, well that is another subject all together ... anyway . . .

          Mr. President, before you spend another nickel  come up with some kind of plan to get the US out of this mess. And another thing, I don't give a rats "whatever" about  what other Presidents left you, it's time to stand up, admit you wanted the job, you accepted the job and told the people you could handle the job.  Now show those that voted for you,  you can do  more  than spend this country into more debt.
          Mr. President, action speak louder than words! So far you actions have spoken volumes but... they haven't said you can do the job, know what the job is or have any plans to do the job any better now or  in the future!

  Where's the beef? The beef is; you haven't done, aren't doing and have no plan to do what is necessary to bring this country back from the huge debt we are currently in.  Unless of course one considers getting deeper into debt as a way out of debt.
 Mr. President,  if  your plan is, getting deeper into debt to get the country out of debt, use your own personal credit card and leave the credit card of the people, their kids and grand kids alone!!!!!!
 By the way, have a nice vacation in the $30,000 to $40,000  a week vacation house you'll be using. I feel so much better knowing the Obamas will be paying for their share of the vacation home and the taxpayers are paying for the White House staff and all of the security the people, just like we did last year!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Is this your HOPE and CHANGE Mr. President?

     The White House is out in force blaming the Tea Party and the credit rating agency for your failure as a President. Fact of the matter is you should have listened to the, so-called, Tea Party and cut more and BS's less. The credit rating folks told you  how much you had to cut in order for them not to down grade the credit rating of the United States. You got a deal reducing the amount of cuts, much more than  most Tea Party folks wanted and guess what? The United States of America, for the first time in history, under your watch  had it's credit rating reduced. Is this the hope and or change you promised?

 I hope you are ashamed of your  poor leadership, your inability to come up with any type of plan on your own and the distasteful way your party is trying to blame others.  Oh, I hate to "pile on" but don't forget, not too long ago, you and your party had the White House, the Senate and the House and couldn't or wouldn't even pass a budget. Who do wish to blame for that one? Please tell me, better yet, tell all of the Americans especially those who elected you.

 Mr. President I firmly believe this isn't the hope nor the change those that voted for you were expecting. Perhaps this is some of the change those that didn't vote for you were fearing.

 I sure "hope" the race issue is over for you Mr. President, you have been President for a couple of years and I can tell you this has nothing to due with race. No sir, this has nothing to do with race, it does however have a great deal to do with color. Yes, color.... the color RED where the United States finds itself, in the red and you deserve a large part of the blame. Not all, by any means, but a very large part. You have driven this nation into more debt than almost all of the other Presidents combined. ( A fact, I wouldn't brag about, especially around re-election time. Maybe some of your not so friendly "friends " in the Tea Party will remind the nation when the time is right!)
 I sure hope  change for the better is coming soon!!!