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Friday, August 26, 2011

Free Speech - Censorship Something Fishy Is Going On!

A “free-speech”  trick is coming from the Obama Administration.  The Federal Communications Commission  announced they were doing away with the “Fairness” Doctrine.  This federal doctrine of the 40'S    was to ensure the broadcasters gave equal time to differing political opinions.  However, the so called Fairness Doctrine was a back handed Censorship doctrine. 

       Don't be fooled, the FCC is implementing a set of "rules " to "serve the public interest"      ( wink wink).  These rules are being set up before doing away with the doctrine. Rules of  "localism," "media diversity" and requirements for  stations to "serve the public interest"  give the FCC the power to limit speech they don't agree with or like.

      These rules give unelected and  unaccountable people at the FCC the power to regulate how much  air time broadcaster must devote to "local issues" thus limiting the  amount of air time aka programs listeners want.

     The Diviersity  rule could deny the right of station owners to renew their licenses solely on racial grounds.

     American  of the past didn't give their lives so the 1st amendment could be stepped on by government employees of the FCC . These rules and regulations are a back handed  way  for the federal government to control what people hear. 

      It seems  censorship, control  of the air waves,  the end of free speech  and certain radio talk shows by the government  isn't as far away as one might  believe.

      You can read more about these actions being taken by your government at

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