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Friday, March 25, 2011

Why Weren't You Here Mr. President And What Have You To Say?

     The President of the United States of America has some explaining to do, not only to the American people but also to congress. It "seems" the President forgot to or didn't bother to inform congress  that we, The United States, were going to war. I remember all the talk about how President Bush  was so bad because he took us to or got us into a war with a country, he thought, as did most of the other countries around world, had nuclear weapons and were hiding them from the United Nations  and their inspectors. I am still not convinced Saddam  didn't have them nor do I understand, if he didn't, why he played the games he did. In any event a dictator and his sons were stopped from committing  horrible offenses against their own people. The point here is, the President of the United States went to congress and got an "OK"  vote from them to take the country to war.

This president must feels he is above all that and can do whatever he thinks is best! Mr. President, just because you were elected President doesn't make you any smarter than you were when you didn't do your duties as a senator, you know, when you didn't vote, didn't even bother to show up and when you did show up you voted present!

 This goes to show the media in this country  should have dug deeper into the past of the current President before he was elected. I don't care what color, creed, religion or sex the President is, however what he or she did in the past, is important.
 Race should not be a factor in electing a President but I fear there was some racism in the election of the current President. Maybe not racism as one might think when you first hear the word but because of race this  candidate may have gotten a pass on  looking into his past. Maybe it was fear of being called racist, the media, didn't dig as deep as they should. But all things and people being equal the candidates for President of the United States were not treated equal, by the media. Perhaps I am completely wrong and the difference was because of party but I have a sneaky feeling that may have been part of it but not all of it. There are still things about this President's past we still don't know.

I just hope we have all learned a valuable lesson, it is not the color of a man's or woman's skin that matters  and never let the color of a person's skin stop you or make you take an action.
 Now Mr. President, it's about time you stay in this country and  explain yourself and the actions you have taken.....
Enough said at this point!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan, Nuclear Power Plant and an Earthquake

     Not just an earthquake but, one of  if not, the worst earth quake in Japan's history. Here is  what probably happen and what maybe happening inside the reactor or reactors, the water in the Japanese nuclear reactor is gone or almost gone. It is hard to tell now if it burned off or leaked out because of the  damaged done by the earthquake to the cooling system of the plant. The danger lies in the design of   the reactors. The rods(plutonium or uranium) that  are submerged into the water, that causes the heat, that produces the steam, that turns the turbines, that causes the production of electricity, have very little or no water to cools them down.  Other rods called, control rods,  that are put into the water to slow down or stop the reaction were put into the water when the earthquake hit stopping any further reaction however the (plutonium or uranium) rods were still very hot, so hot in fact the heat caused huge amounts of pressure to build up inside the already pressurized  room or chamber where the radioactive material is kept.
    Since I  have not been in the reactors, since the quake, this is not an description of what happened but rather what may have happened, I want to make that perfectly clear, unlike some media accounts you have or will hear.
     The latest news being "reported" by other media is, the water is gone from one of these reactors and the rods are still hot, very, very hot. Stay tuned for more information. I will "try" to get the real information.
     The latest news from Japan is, what the US said about there being no water in the reactor was untrue. A NRC official  made the comment about there being no water in the reactor yesterday during a hearing before congress. It's hard to tell why he said what he did but Japan's officials say it's not true. Think about this, a government official not telling the people the truth.........  not all that hard to believe, now is it? One of these days we might find out the"REAL" truth, but for now we really don't know. We can hope for the best, after all, it seems our government is running on hope these days...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100% Natural, Drill Here, Drill Now

100 Natural, straight out of God's Green Earth!

 Mr. President, have you seen the price of a gallon of gas? I know you don't pay for your gas. I know you have said in the past you hoped gas would get over $3.00 and higher so "the people" would look to other sources of energy.  Mr. President, I along with many others welcome new sources of energy but we don't welcome higher prices  for what we are using now. In case you don't understand, when the cost of gas goes up WE pay for it.
Get it,the money comes out of our pockets. No,  Mr. President there is not a magic gas fairy , not one that I know of, if you know something I don't, please let me know.
          I am so sorry you don't understand how things work in the real world, believe me, you don't know how sorry I am. It's too bad  the people didn't think about or know what might happen if the President  didn't have experience in dealing with real life matter and not rely on "Hope & Change". In any case we are where we are and now it's time for you to step up and get your head out of the hope mood and do something or rather undo some things ... Such as promote drilling in this country by our countrymen. Drill here, drill now and please don't give me this global warming crap as an excuse. Oil is 100% natural, straight out of God's green earth, with some refining it powers our cars, warms our homes as well as used in many other products. By the way, experts say we have enough oil in this country to keep us running for about 200 years. I am sure by then we will have come up with some other forms of fuels.  Stop hoping for change and do something positive!