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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do you Feel Comfortable with the Vice President...

                                                                                           VP,  Joe Biden

Does it make you a little uncomfortable knowing the Vice President is in Baghdad talking to other world leaders? 
The Vice President is representing the United States of America and President Obama, which in itself is scary, in Baghdad, discussing the drawdown of the US troops. Of course who really knows what he is actually saying? Remember, this is the same Joe Biden who, on the day President Obama signed the health care overhaul into law, made a blooper of historic proportions. When the Vice President  introduced President Obama, he leans into the President and whispers, not so quietly, into his ear........................................

                                           "This is a big ("Fn") deal"


He said such things as:

 "J-O-B-S is a three letter word."

"Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice president of the United States of America. Quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me."

"Stand up, Chuck, let 'em see ya." (speaking to Missouri state senator Chuck Graham was in a wheelchair.) 

The Vice President gets his historical facts screwed up, claiming President Roosevelt went on TV in 1929 to talk about the stock market crash, despite the fact Roosevelt wasn't President and TV's  were only experimental.

But hey, what are few screw ups among friends or world leaders?

These are but a few examples that should scare you knowing the Vice President is talking to other world leaders while representing the United States of America.

I believe it is way past time for a change in leadership or lack of, in the White House. If you agree, please remember these things before the 2012 election and don't be afraid to let your feelings  be known.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Vote to get this country out of the entangled mess ...................

          I don't care who you voted for in the last Presidential election, that's over. It's time to focus on the upcoming election, ask yourself and answer yourself, honestly, what positive things has the current President done for you, your family and your future family? What has he done for this country? I didn't say what has he done "to" this country but "for" this country.

         I dare say there are  lots of people  receiving some kind of government aid, food stamps, welfare, grants, assistance for this or that, unemployment benefits, over and beyond what you have paid in the system. Just so it is clear, when I speak of government aid I am not talking to seniors who worked all of their lives and paid into the social security system, they were told, would  take care of them when they retired. (A system they were forced to pay into and would have been fine today if the government had left the money alone and used it only  for the purpose it was collected .) Nor am I speaking to people who are truly disabled. I am, however, also speaking to over paid under working government employees and a lot of politicians, who  fall into the previous category.

        All the people getting aid, you  had better think hard about who you want as your President, when the money is gone it's about class warfare, you are going to see class warfare like you have never envisioned.  You won't be on the winning side.
          Everyone had better vote smart this time! By that I mean,  don't vote  to try to undo past wrongs. Vote for the person that will  get us out of the horrible mess the current President and the economy has entangled  our country. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Newt, What He Beat his Mother?

                                                                          Sad but true!
                 No, not that Newt beat his mother, he didn't however, "the powers that be"  have successfully caused  Herman Cain's slump in the polls.  Now that  Newt has risen to the top it's time for "the powers that be"  start spreading rumors about Newt.  Beating his mother might work, I can see it now, an unnamed source close to the campaign  said Newt beat his mother and could have.......  Of course the source will be unnamed, at least at the beginning and you know the rest of the story!
             It is not a bad thing that Newt has risen to the top, as a matter of fact Newt would make a great President he is a very smart person. I dare say, much  smarter than the current sitting President with loads more experience  and an understanding of how government works and doesn't work. The former Speaker of the House has  actual ideas of how and what to do to help this country  internally and help bring the United States'  standing  back with the rest of the  world. We can thank the current President for making the U.S. look like a second rate country with nothing to be proud of and all kinds of reasons to apologise.
           I am interestrest in finding out  who is/are  "the powers that be". 
What are your ideas on, "the powers that be"?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What if: Ms Bialek & Ms. Kraushaar Conspired.

          An unnamed source has come forward  and made accusations against Ms Bialek and Ms. Kraushaar, two women, who have made allegations of harassment against Mr. Herman Cain, Republican presidential hopeful.
        The unnamed source said, there might be evidence the two women conspired to  come up with their stories, "backing up " the allegations of harassment. Two,"named" sources of,  allegations to smear Mr. Cain's name and reputation would hold more weight than allegations from two "unnamed" sources.
       The unnamed source said,  allegations the two women conspired  would be easy to prove if cell phone records over the last 4 months showed the two women talked to each other.  The unnamed source did not or would not say, how the two women found each other or who put the two in contact. The source did say, " the two women have never met face to face, as far as I know."
 Asked about cell phone records, the unnamed source said. cell phone records may be available even if  one of the phones was a, "throw away," cell phone.

I ask again, What if?    What if the above accusations were floated throughout the media? What would this do to  the credibility of these accusers?
                                                                                                                                                                Kraushaar  Bialek

 As a side note: It seems Mr Cain  now has grounds for a case of sexual harassment  against Ms. Bialek.  Ms. Bialek  made Mr. Cain  feel " uncomfortable with sexual innuendo and overtures" these uncomfortable sexual innuendos and overtures were done on national television. There were plenty of witnesses.

 There are a lot of "what ifs"  and "she said, he said":

"Meanwhile, a longtime friend of one of Cain's unidentified accusers said Tuesday"

"The woman, who spoke on condition of not being identified, said she spoke extensively with her friend "

"  a friend of the accuser said, she worked in government relations for the restaurant association in 1998 and told her" 

  My advice, don't wait 14 years to make the allegations or accusations!

 I hope these accusations are not true and those making the accusations
 will  stop and let the election process go forward!

   If you have an inclination that one day you might  want to be President, it would be a good idea to start using a mini cam for ever encounter you have, from now on!
If you are male, never, ever tell a female she is pretty,  nice or she reminds you of your wife (or wife to be in the case of an unmarried man). If you are female  and want to be President, don't have kids because if one of them screws up you are pretty much history!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Made for TV Movie or a Book Deal? I Think Not!

                                                      Herman Cain
         Finally someone with a name has  made accusations against Mr. Herman Cain. To be honest, I don't know who is behind this or exactly what is going on. I don't pretend to know what agenda  is trying to be filled but I do know the nameless accusations were far more powerful. (At least for me anyway.) I say that because, when it comes to nameless accusations there is no one to  judge, evaluate, watch, listen to read ...I mean..... tell her story.
         The story I heard yesterday  didn't do much to change my opinion of Mr. Cain. The woman read the story as if it were a bedtime story and not as if it was real life. Why wait 14 years  to read the story Ms. Bialek read yesterday.
        The fact of the matter is, I don't know the truth nor do any of the others  reporting this story. I can only go on what I hear and the Cain  Harassment story gets weaker and weaker as the days go by. The fact the "story" is 14 years old doesn't lend much credibility. It  sounds like the stuff books, book deals, screen plays and a made for TV movie are made of.
 The word,"Truth"  isn't in the list of attributes for this story. But the coming attractions might be interesting, if you are into that sort of thing.  I  hope this made for TV movie doesn't have to compete with, " The Clinton Years - The  Ins an Outs of the White House," it doesn't stand a chance!
                                                                        Sharon Bialek

Republican Party Replaces Candidates After Newest Accusation

A new unnamed person has come forward and accused  four of the Republican Presidential Candidates of  sexual harassment. A unnamed source, said in a briefing, a unnamed person was harassed on a number of occasions by 4 of the Republican candidates, it should be noted the unnamed source said, the harassment was not connected and took place at different times and places . It was unclear what period of time the harassment took place, however the unnamed source was very clear to point out the unnamed person was sure it happened and detail would be forth coming at a later date. The unnamed source said, the unnamed person would release details after the media had ample time to spread the story to the general public.    The general feeling, from the unnamed source,  is the unnamed person needs time, before revealing their identity and details, to be sure nothing they say will have any effect on their current living situation or job, if they have one. The unnamed source   failed to mention which 4 candidates were actually being accused however, the unnamed source said, the unnamed person would reveal that information along with other details once the field of candidates had narrowed. The unnamed source said, it would include,  at least, the top 4 candidates at the time the information was revealed.
 Since this latest revelation of harassment by  an unnamed source  the Republicans Party has decided it is in the interest of the country and the Republican Party to scrap the entire field of candidates and in their place have six unnamed candidates.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Santa is a good guy and doesn't need the headache..........

      Christmas will soon be here, it  might be called, Happy Holidays or Winter Festival or an assortment of  other names but we all know it's Christmas!!!

 This year an elf has something to say to parents of "some" kids. Listen, you gonna love this .........( This also holds true for some government officials)

 Smile you know it's true in "some" cases!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Who Said What? Who Cares? Update On The Herman Cain Story

          The latest on the Herman Cain story, seems one of Mr. Cain's accusers  is changing her tune about her willingness to speak out about sexual harassment allegations she made  back in the 90's. Somebody, who knew somebody, who knows somebody close to the Cain situation said recently no decision has been made about asking the NRA to release an unnamed person from a confidentiality agreement she signed.
            Joel Bennett an attorney for an unnamed Herman Cain accuser said his client asked him to stop talking to the news media, Mr Bennett told this to a news media reporter.

On Wednesday Bennett said," I stand by everything I said" after talking to several news media outlets.
 This entire story sounds like a He said, she said,  an unnamed source said, not to say, I said!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Keep the Black Man Down!!!!!!!!! High Tech Lynching!!!

                                       "I have never sexually harassed anyone...
                                   A thorough investigation concluded these claims had no basis"

            I thought this country  had come very far in terms of race relations. I come from the generation of "Busing," government's way to "fix" race relations.  Yeah, that went over well!   When a black man was elected President of the United States that should have ended a lot of the Black White "thing," now most people understand,  people are people.  However, racism has raised it's ugly head again.  It's as surprising as it is shameful, seems the  left wing news media has taken it upon  themselves to "keep the black man down."
            The black man in question has done well for himself, his family, is a successful businessman   and it seems he knew it would happen.  As soon as this black man made a real impact on the race for President,  things changed.  (He was "safe" as long as he was near the bottom of the barrel.)  Oh, did I mention this black man  is  a conservative?
              Herman Cain, a Georgia businessman who is  now near the top of national polls in the Republican presidential race  is dealing with the fallout of old sexual harassment accusations  by two unnamed women. Women who  agreed, about 12 years ago, not to talk about it. The  fact these women agreed  not to talk about it makes one wonders, if it was for money  and   what are the motives of those who brought the issue to light. This doesn't address if the original accusations were even close to the truth. 

           An on-line news organization reported  two women complained about sexually inappropriate behavior while working for Cain at the National Restaurant Association  years and years ago, neither woman was identified. The original report was strangely based on anonymous sources and a review of documentation that described the allegations.  It sounds as if no women were actually interviewed about  accusations and  if these women  even knew  what was going on or  care.
   I feel certain nobody has ever made accusations that weren't true, right?  It is pretty safe to say, anyone reporting the story now has no idea if any of these accusation are even remotely true.
     Brent Bozell head of Media Research Center, called the story a "high-tech lynching," bringing back memories of  Clarence Thomas'  Supreme Court confirmation hearings 20 years ago, where he was confronted with  so-called sexual harassment from a one time employee.    
         Debbie Dooley a leader Atlanta Tea Party Patriots said,"I think the left is totally and completely terrified of a conservative black man coming to power and prominence. They are trying to do the same thing to him that they did with Clarence Thomas."
          Ann Coulter said,"It's outrageous the way liberals treat a black conservative."
          Rush Limbaugh said: "This is about blacks and Hispanics getting uppity. … (Liberals) cannot have a black Republican running for office, can't have a Hispanic, the Left owns those minorities, those two groups can't be seen rising on their own. He went on to say,"This is gutter partisan politics, and it’s the politics of minority conservative personal destruction."
 News Media, left wing news media, stop and  ask yourself, what you are doing?   What if  this was a democrat candidate and all you had were anonymous sources and a review of documentation  would you even considered going to press? NO, you would not.......... and didn't... remember the Clinton accusations with all the proof, named sources, living, talking witnesses and victims? Some brushed it off as merely a vast right wing conspiracy.

What has the media come to? 
Since this story broke   people all over who want to talk and tell their side of the story or at least that is what we are hearing. OOOPS! Maybe that is why you signed an agreement not to talk,  so you won't talk, you agreed not to and evidently got money in exchange for keeping your mouth shut. There must have been a reason you took the money and agreed not to say anything?? However, now there is more money involved in talking and you want to talk. Makes one wonder, what you might say for the right amount of money?  Sort of slants your point of view don't you think? By the way that was 12 years ago.  The world was a difference place and sexual harassment  cases were all over. Remember the guy who got in hot water for having a pin-up girl on his locker.  I am just saying be careful, something about this doesn't smell  all that great! If it smells like soup, it might be soup or whatever...