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Monday, November 7, 2011

Republican Party Replaces Candidates After Newest Accusation

A new unnamed person has come forward and accused  four of the Republican Presidential Candidates of  sexual harassment. A unnamed source, said in a briefing, a unnamed person was harassed on a number of occasions by 4 of the Republican candidates, it should be noted the unnamed source said, the harassment was not connected and took place at different times and places . It was unclear what period of time the harassment took place, however the unnamed source was very clear to point out the unnamed person was sure it happened and detail would be forth coming at a later date. The unnamed source said, the unnamed person would release details after the media had ample time to spread the story to the general public.    The general feeling, from the unnamed source,  is the unnamed person needs time, before revealing their identity and details, to be sure nothing they say will have any effect on their current living situation or job, if they have one. The unnamed source   failed to mention which 4 candidates were actually being accused however, the unnamed source said, the unnamed person would reveal that information along with other details once the field of candidates had narrowed. The unnamed source said, it would include,  at least, the top 4 candidates at the time the information was revealed.
 Since this latest revelation of harassment by  an unnamed source  the Republicans Party has decided it is in the interest of the country and the Republican Party to scrap the entire field of candidates and in their place have six unnamed candidates.


  1. OMG you got to love this This is politics of future........... today
    Why not let the current president pick those who are to run against him..sure he would like that...
    LOLOLOL> Thanks for this story!!!Going to pass this to everyone I know.....
    ( Hope it is OK to link to this story??

  2. Anonymous,
    Feel free to link to this blog.You can email the link to those you wish.