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Monday, October 22, 2012

Ask Yourself One Question before you vote!

Before you vote, ask yourself this  question, if you had a child in college and he/she went away for 4 

years spent $5,000,000,000,000 and at the end of that 4 years he/she said, Mom, Dad  I tried but I wasn't able 

to get my degree, I did party some, I did help stop this one  bad guy  from hurting other people by killing him but 

was unable to pass enough courses....... I know, I 

used your cars, your airplanes, I had all kind of great parties, I played over 100 rounds of golf, I took off and went 

to Hawaii, I was just  so busy I was unable to meet with the course advisers but I bought all new clothes, had 

housekeeping take care of the house you let me use, the men and women who watched over me were great.   

 Oh Yeah I stood up and helped a group of young women get free birth control ....I know you paid a lot for all of 

this but... ............   give me 4 more years......


this time I will do what I told you,  I would do 

last time,  what would you do?        Before you answer suppose you lost your job the cost of everything has gone 

through the roof and gas is more than doubled etc...

War on Women ... You Bet...

Fighting a war on women in her own party.
WAR on Women...... Hillary Clinton  got thrown under the bus by, another, President !

Women, please take a look at what happened to Hillary Clinton this past week! Hillary, agree with her politics or not,  is a strong women, look where she took her husband!    The President and the Democrat Party...threw Hillary under the bus in order to save the reputation of Barrack Obama at the critical point in an election. What kind of power does the democratic party have that allows them to  keep getting by with trashing women..

Yeah right, Bill will help me!
They took the nomination for President from Hillary and handed it to Obama. That very act, in itself, makes no reasonable sense, she had it locked up.. then out of nowhere Obama is thrust forward  into or onto the scene and BAM! He is the leader,  the great one, the salvation for  the United States of America. and maybe the world. How did this happen...? The people, the citizens didn't  know Obama and  the media made sure they didn't find out!  Ask yourself, has there ever been anything close to the uproar over a president's birth certificate like the one caused by Obama?  Think about this, the uproar came "after "he was elected President. It doesn't matter if it is true or false, the fact it didn't come up until after he was elected is STRANGE.   To believe it was just a fluke that questions such as, who is the President, where was he born, does he have relatives, why wasn't any of his relative put through any media vetting, (Remember Jimmy Cater's brother Billy) has all been  an accident is crazy thinking. The whole thing is strange!             Anyway!                                    Women are you going to stand by a President that treats women as servants to come in and clean up the mess or messes after the great one makes them?  All the talk about birth control is laughable, say the word slowly.. Birth "Control." Is there any woman or man here that believes a woman needs the government to help or control the birth of her child? Is there any woman here that truly believes you need the government to help you control any part of any sexual activity of yours? (I am not talking about rape what so ever that is an entirely different subject no matter how the government want to lump it all together.) All I am saying is, women you had better look at what the current Administration has done  and is doing to women.    By the way, talking about Hillary being thrown under the bus where the hello is Bill Clinton. In my humble opinion he is again acting like scum by not coming to her defense....He is the  powerful voice of the Democratic party  (it doesn't matter if I agree with his politics) HE is what he is!
And as far as Hillary is concerned, he  has acted as scum, time and time again. Now the current President is acting that way, treating women as  clean up crew for his messes. And they made up that phony war on women by the Republican party! How stupid do they think women and men are................................................?
Hey, they did it to me they will do it to you!

Think before you vote! Whatever you do don't vote for the President because you are a member of one party or the other! This election is not Dem vs Rep!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No more excuses!

Couldn't Do What America Had Hoped
Don't know about you but I, for one, am sick and tired of excuses! President Obama got into office as the first black President and so many people had such high hopes. So many people were counting on him to bring this country back into it's greatness. So many people hoped he would bring the change we needed. So many people found out he wasn't what he claimed to be and couldn't do what he claimed, he could. The things he thought he could do just because he accomplish a great task,  becoming President, didn't turn out to be true. I think he proved race etc really doesn't matter, it's what you do when you get somewhere, not just getting there, that counts. He has blamed others far too long for what he himself can not do. I have faith the American people will say , thank you for trying but it 's time ..we need to move on... Romney's  times has come.....Romney faces an uphill battle, like no other! $16 trillion in debt, the country is more hated around the world than 4 years ago, people are rioting in the street across the world , countries and going broke!! One thing is for sure the current President proved he wasn't up to the task ( it had nothing to do with race)
Wasn't What America Had Hoped

I am sick of excuses! President B. Obama,

the first black President raised the hopes of

 so very many people black and white....So 

many people were counting on him to take 

this country into the fullness and greatness it 

so deserved. So very many people had 

pinned their hopes on the fact, he would 

bring about the changes so needed. So very 

many people were disappointed he wasn't

what, and couldn't do what he claimed. The 

things he thought he could do because he 

accomplish a great task, becoming President, 

didn't turn out. He proved race doesn't 
Hope and Change Didn't Work Out

matter rather it's what you do when you get 

there that matters. He has blamed others far 

too long for what he himself can not do. The 

American people are not a stupid people. 
Giving Millions of Taxpayer Dollars - Losing It All  Is Not Funny

They know we need to move on...This 

country faces an uphill battle like no other, 

$16 trillion in debt, the country is hated 

around the world, rioting in the street across 

the world, countries going broke.Thank you 

Mr. President, but it is time to stop blaming 

others and take responsibility..........