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Monday, October 22, 2012

Ask Yourself One Question before you vote!

Before you vote, ask yourself this  question, if you had a child in college and he/she went away for 4 

years spent $5,000,000,000,000 and at the end of that 4 years he/she said, Mom, Dad  I tried but I wasn't able 

to get my degree, I did party some, I did help stop this one  bad guy  from hurting other people by killing him but 

was unable to pass enough courses....... I know, I 

used your cars, your airplanes, I had all kind of great parties, I played over 100 rounds of golf, I took off and went 

to Hawaii, I was just  so busy I was unable to meet with the course advisers but I bought all new clothes, had 

housekeeping take care of the house you let me use, the men and women who watched over me were great.   

 Oh Yeah I stood up and helped a group of young women get free birth control ....I know you paid a lot for all of 

this but... ............   give me 4 more years......


this time I will do what I told you,  I would do 

last time,  what would you do?        Before you answer suppose you lost your job the cost of everything has gone 

through the roof and gas is more than doubled etc...

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