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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Taxes, Death and Now Health Insurance?

Give  up this much freedom, to start!
           Death and Taxes have been  two things you can count on happening. If the current President has his way,  add  health insurance. Have or get health insurance or else pay a fine,  is about to become another certainty of the American way. Unless the Supreme Court  steps in and brings back  American freedom by saying, no.
          President Barack Obama's health care plan/law  has united most Americans, united against its requirement that everybody have insurance. The mandate is intensely unpopular even though many people in the United States are already are covered by workplace plans or government programs such as Medicare. When the insurance obligation kicks in some people won't need to worry or buy anything new. But "real," Americans don't like being told how to spend their money, not even if it is supposed to solve the problem of the uninsured. Critics dismissed the idea this way: "If things were that easy, I could mandate everybody to buy a house and that would solve the problem of homelessness." Barack Obama's words as a presidential candidate, he was against health insurance mandates.
          "Federal judges have come down on both sides of the question, leaving it to the Supreme Court to sort out. The justices are allotting an unusually long period, six hours over three days, beginning March 26, to hear arguments challenging the law's constitutionality."
         Their ruling will be a historic moment in the quest to keep freedom in the United States  vs.  the century-long quest by reformers to provide affordable health care for all.
          Many critics and supporters alike see the insurance requirement  of Obama's health care law as taking away freedom by requiring the purchase of insurance.
          "Politically it was a wobbly construction from the start. It seems half of Washington has flip-flopped over mandating insurance."
           It's now up to you,  vote, put somebody in the White House that will fight for our freedom!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Reason Not To Re-elect.............................

         Barrack Hussein Obama, actually has a very "deep" seated hatred of America. This hatred Barack Obama has for the Great American Way,  has been ingrained in him since he was a small boy. One of the first things he did as  President was to travel  around the world  apologizing for America as the evil in the world. Obama either doesn't understand or hates the principals on which America was founded.  He  has been taught to hate America by his fathers, who were both Communist and Socialist Islamic extremists and his mother was a communist sympathizer.  President Obama has repeatedly shown his hatred for the founding principles that made America great through his speeches, his associations, his decisiveness, his sowing of discord and class warfare and by his failed policies and soaring rhetoric.  You can learn all about it just by reading his book, Audacity of Hope.

Obama believes in bringing down the wealthy as opposed to raising up the poor.

       You have probably heard that before,  but think about it. . .  Does it actually help a person who is poor  if you take money from the very wealthy?   It's possible it could help for a short period of time "if" you could directly transfer the money from one person to the other without any other people involved.. ( Sound like Charity? Not if the government is involved, that sounds more like stealing) Wouldn't it be better for everyone involved to help raise the level of the poor? This is a longer lasting and more beneficial solution for all parties involved. Yes , even the government will benefit  from increased income for those current poor, taxes!

     Voting is the way to bring about   "change"  back to  America... the growing, emerging America.  We have come too far in this country to turn back now..

                        Vote, take back your America. . .

                                           There is no pie in the sky . . .

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chris Matthews: Catholics and Mormons are Clutist!

Are you  or someone you know a Catholic or a Mormon?  If so,are you  are a  member of a cult, so said Mr.Matthews...           That kind of talk rolled  off of the tongue of Chris Matthews on MSNBC's "Ed Show" with host Ed Schultz and the Reverend Al Sharpton,  without any rebuttal from either of the other two  left wing  ( My words)  Speakers,      
        Don't take my word for it, see it your self ................................ click on the link below:

                                  Chris Matthews: GOP Willing To "Outsource" Election To A Mormon

 Send a message, you are sick and tired of his trash talking, irresponsible name calling, denigration  of  other people  and their religion!
   We have  come  a long way in this country  but  since the Obama administration has taken control of the Government  the mood of  the country has changed, back tracked if you will.....   The White House  not only likes this, they welcome it and until the American people come to their senses and  elects a person that will lead our country, (instead of trying to tear it apart)  and begins to rebuild  the America we all knew...

VOTE To Take Back AMERICA this November!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Obamical Unemployment ?

Obamical unemployment , described as the result of 

businesses not having enough 

confidence in the leadership of the President,  which 

stifles the demand for labor to 

employ all those who are looking for work. The lack of 

employer demand comes from a lack 

of leadership and fear of taxes, regulations and out of control 

government spending as well 

as  fear the President is, trying to or is,  taking America 

down the wrong path which also 

hurts the overall economy.

                              'Obamical Unemployment'

"Obamical unemployment is one of six classes of unemployment . Other types include cyclical, structural, frictional, classical and Marxian. In most cases, several types of unemployment exist at the same time. With the exception of cyclical  and/or Obamical unemployment.  The other classes  of unemployment can be occurring even at the peak ranges of business cycles, when the economy is said to be at or near “full employment.” Obamical 
unemployment, name after President Barrack Obama is a class of unemployment caused by the actions and or inaction's of the President of the United States.  This unemployment can be intentional,  by the President to further a cause or to full fill a campaign promise, to bring about "Hope and Change.""

There is one way out of Obamical Unemployment and it's not 

more federal spending  or 

giving away money to  futuristic energy companies. It simple 

and easy for the average 

American to accomplish. All you have to do is vote to replace 

the current President. 

Once  Obamical unemployment  takes hold, don't be fooled 

by promises of future change, you need change now... 

You, the American public, have already been fooled once. 

Fooled into voting for a President who would go on to cause

 Obamical unemployment.

Vote to end Obamical Unemployment!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Forgive Me, If I Don't Thank You for this President!

          Now it is your turn to live at the level of the poorer countries of the world.  It's time you know what it's like to live in a poor country, it's time you stop being a member of the greatest country on earth.
         The way to bring this change about is to bring the country down to the level of the poor countries in the world. That is exactly what this country deserves because of the way it was formed, the way it treated certain groups of people while growing. What this country did to certain groups was wrong, for example, the Indians and the slaves.  It was a group of white men that forced this type of government on the "people" i.e. the poor, the women, the Indians, the slaves,  and immigrants!
           (There are some facts in the writing above but taken as a whole, it's a crock.)
 This country has made mistakes but we have corrected them, maybe not as fast as we should but we did, we do! The Present administration is on a path to bring this country down to the level "we deserve"  Of course they won't say that out loud but remember what your mother or some other adult told you, actions speak louder than words!

           You are being told you deserve higher gas prices,  while the government, your government are paying for oil exploration in South America! You deserve a lower quality of health care. What, don't tell me you think the Obama administration wants to bring those without health care up to the level of those with expensive health care? That isn't even laughable, that is sad, very, very sad. His health care program will bring the majority of American's plans down. It might lift a few up but the majority will go down. You don't want to know how much the price is going to rise in order to keep the same level you might have currently, if it's possible.
        Your President know what is best for this country! You gave him the Power to do so! Yes, you as an American,  gave Obama the White House, the office of the President of the United States of America. Forgive me if I don't take this opportunity to thank you.
         I would like to take  this opportunity to say,  if you didn't vote for the President or if you didn't vote....... Get off your arse and vote.................................................... don't leave it up to anybody else, VOTE if you know you are out numbered 10 to 1  too bad get your arse out and vote anyway....
 If, on the other hand, you voted for Obama in the last election, you did your duty so this time, take it easy, rest, pat yourself on the back, feel proud and stay at home this time, let the others  get out and take care of the hard work this time.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Time is Drawing Near! Vote Vote Vote

                          There is a very serious situation in this country!     Very serious!

           Problems is most people aren't paying attention. They are going about their daily lives and if they hear the nightly news,  they become annoyed by all the fussing and fighting about such things as contraception.

          One political party has done a good job of isolating  each issue and dealing with it as a single issue, one by one. The other political party has connected the dots and  uncovered a tragic situation. This country is on a path to abort freedom.

Example: Contraception, one issue, no big deal, party#1 says, lets  help out the women who want to have sex and not have  babies and not have to pay for the method to  do so.

Solution 1: Force  all employers to provide health care that  provides free contraceptives. Simple? 

Problem:  The government has to get  involved!  The government forces insurance companies, employers,(that may or may not want, to provide this as a  service) and religious organization, that have employees,  to provide "services" that are against their religious beliefs. Now you have a major, Church & State problem. It's not so simple any more. The government is now weaving it's way into areas of  people's lives not allowed by the it's own rules, constitution.


This is not  about your right to use or have contraceptives, be careful, don't let the argument be framed in that manner.


          Your  financial situation, my friends, will determine your future. The wealthy will endure, the average guy is going to be screwed, screwed to the wall, the poor aren't going to have a fighting chance. Your President wants to take the money from the some,  pool it and then try to spread it all around. Problem is, that is not freedom besides the facrt, the government is not good at dealing with money, the current state of the government debt, for example! The rich will, rightfully, find a way to hold on to their wealth however, the average man will not have the resources to protect his wealth.  It will be taken and  poverty will be wide spread,  the government will tell us,everything is under control and we are doing good . . .
          Life sucks under the type of  government we are in the process of allowing to take over this county. These are facts, open your eyes and see.  Put  politics aside and stop trying to defend the President, for any reason other than his own actions. It doesn't matter if you like him or voted for him  it's too late, he is President and he is trying to change this country.......... If you  defend the President because of his actions then you are not seeing what he has done and is doing to your future and the future of this country.......... There is going to be one more chance before it's too late.. Your chance, maybe your last chance is in the November election.............................. VOTE!

Something to Smile About, In Times OF Trouble

                                           Fun With Obama And Friends. . . 

Before the Operation.

Holy Cow! Is that Legal?

Did You Ever, In Your Wildest Dreams, Think You Would Be Here . . .?

Have I Died And Gone To Heaven?

One More Time, Cut The Crap

Knock It Off, It Isn't Going to Happen.

 Hope  and Change

Oh No!     No More For Me!

 This November be sure to vote,  encourage your family and friends to vote.  You can see, from the table below, this wasn't the change most Americans  were hoping for and this wasn't the right man for the job.  
It's time to put an end to this hopeless  change!

*Gas Prices $3.74 and rising.
Examples  of hopeless change.

Friday, March 2, 2012

WARNING: Offensive Words Spoken by Obama Before Becoming President! WARNING

Racially Offensive Words                                                                                                                                    
Uttered by Barack Obama

 Before Becoming President Obama

Warning: Words Spoken by Barrack Obama are Racially Offensive

 In today's world of "GotCha" politics this is fair game, these are words spoken by the President of the United State, before he was elected  President of course. It's true, he is reading  from a book, a book he wrote.
 This country has had enough of this trash from  both political sides and all  races. It is not right when a white man , black man or a man of any other race uses these words.... Horrible for a man who wants to be the President of the United States of America.... to use.

 I am not going to comment  further  just let his words speak for themselves.

Let America Hear - Why didn't Americans hear this before he was elected?

          America wake up!  Did anyone hear this stuff when he was running against Hillary Clinton during the nomination process?

         Get this out to the people before the next election. . .

Andrew Breitbart :

                         Andrew Breitbart          Dead at 43 


 Andrew Breitbart 43 a conservative blogger and journalist, died   Thursday morning, according to his website Big Journalism.  Breitbart's father-in-law told the Associated Press , Breitbart was walking near his house when he collapsed. Someone saw him fall and called 911. Breitbart was taken to UCLA Medical Center, but could not be revived.
"We have lost a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a dear friend, a patriot and a happy warrior," the post said. "Andrew lived boldly, so that we more timid souls would dare to live freely and fully, and fight for the fragile liberty he showed us how to love."
Breitbart was well-known for his work with the Drudge Report, played an important  role with The Huffington Post and founded the Big Journalism, Big Hollywood and websites. He was an  author, columnist and  media commentator.
People from the entire  political spectrum paid tribute to Breitbart.