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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Forgive Me, If I Don't Thank You for this President!

          Now it is your turn to live at the level of the poorer countries of the world.  It's time you know what it's like to live in a poor country, it's time you stop being a member of the greatest country on earth.
         The way to bring this change about is to bring the country down to the level of the poor countries in the world. That is exactly what this country deserves because of the way it was formed, the way it treated certain groups of people while growing. What this country did to certain groups was wrong, for example, the Indians and the slaves.  It was a group of white men that forced this type of government on the "people" i.e. the poor, the women, the Indians, the slaves,  and immigrants!
           (There are some facts in the writing above but taken as a whole, it's a crock.)
 This country has made mistakes but we have corrected them, maybe not as fast as we should but we did, we do! The Present administration is on a path to bring this country down to the level "we deserve"  Of course they won't say that out loud but remember what your mother or some other adult told you, actions speak louder than words!

           You are being told you deserve higher gas prices,  while the government, your government are paying for oil exploration in South America! You deserve a lower quality of health care. What, don't tell me you think the Obama administration wants to bring those without health care up to the level of those with expensive health care? That isn't even laughable, that is sad, very, very sad. His health care program will bring the majority of American's plans down. It might lift a few up but the majority will go down. You don't want to know how much the price is going to rise in order to keep the same level you might have currently, if it's possible.
        Your President know what is best for this country! You gave him the Power to do so! Yes, you as an American,  gave Obama the White House, the office of the President of the United States of America. Forgive me if I don't take this opportunity to thank you.
         I would like to take  this opportunity to say,  if you didn't vote for the President or if you didn't vote....... Get off your arse and vote.................................................... don't leave it up to anybody else, VOTE if you know you are out numbered 10 to 1  too bad get your arse out and vote anyway....
 If, on the other hand, you voted for Obama in the last election, you did your duty so this time, take it easy, rest, pat yourself on the back, feel proud and stay at home this time, let the others  get out and take care of the hard work this time.

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