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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Time is Drawing Near! Vote Vote Vote

                          There is a very serious situation in this country!     Very serious!

           Problems is most people aren't paying attention. They are going about their daily lives and if they hear the nightly news,  they become annoyed by all the fussing and fighting about such things as contraception.

          One political party has done a good job of isolating  each issue and dealing with it as a single issue, one by one. The other political party has connected the dots and  uncovered a tragic situation. This country is on a path to abort freedom.

Example: Contraception, one issue, no big deal, party#1 says, lets  help out the women who want to have sex and not have  babies and not have to pay for the method to  do so.

Solution 1: Force  all employers to provide health care that  provides free contraceptives. Simple? 

Problem:  The government has to get  involved!  The government forces insurance companies, employers,(that may or may not want, to provide this as a  service) and religious organization, that have employees,  to provide "services" that are against their religious beliefs. Now you have a major, Church & State problem. It's not so simple any more. The government is now weaving it's way into areas of  people's lives not allowed by the it's own rules, constitution.


This is not  about your right to use or have contraceptives, be careful, don't let the argument be framed in that manner.


          Your  financial situation, my friends, will determine your future. The wealthy will endure, the average guy is going to be screwed, screwed to the wall, the poor aren't going to have a fighting chance. Your President wants to take the money from the some,  pool it and then try to spread it all around. Problem is, that is not freedom besides the facrt, the government is not good at dealing with money, the current state of the government debt, for example! The rich will, rightfully, find a way to hold on to their wealth however, the average man will not have the resources to protect his wealth.  It will be taken and  poverty will be wide spread,  the government will tell us,everything is under control and we are doing good . . .
          Life sucks under the type of  government we are in the process of allowing to take over this county. These are facts, open your eyes and see.  Put  politics aside and stop trying to defend the President, for any reason other than his own actions. It doesn't matter if you like him or voted for him  it's too late, he is President and he is trying to change this country.......... If you  defend the President because of his actions then you are not seeing what he has done and is doing to your future and the future of this country.......... There is going to be one more chance before it's too late.. Your chance, maybe your last chance is in the November election.............................. VOTE!

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