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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Reason Not To Re-elect.............................

         Barrack Hussein Obama, actually has a very "deep" seated hatred of America. This hatred Barack Obama has for the Great American Way,  has been ingrained in him since he was a small boy. One of the first things he did as  President was to travel  around the world  apologizing for America as the evil in the world. Obama either doesn't understand or hates the principals on which America was founded.  He  has been taught to hate America by his fathers, who were both Communist and Socialist Islamic extremists and his mother was a communist sympathizer.  President Obama has repeatedly shown his hatred for the founding principles that made America great through his speeches, his associations, his decisiveness, his sowing of discord and class warfare and by his failed policies and soaring rhetoric.  You can learn all about it just by reading his book, Audacity of Hope.

Obama believes in bringing down the wealthy as opposed to raising up the poor.

       You have probably heard that before,  but think about it. . .  Does it actually help a person who is poor  if you take money from the very wealthy?   It's possible it could help for a short period of time "if" you could directly transfer the money from one person to the other without any other people involved.. ( Sound like Charity? Not if the government is involved, that sounds more like stealing) Wouldn't it be better for everyone involved to help raise the level of the poor? This is a longer lasting and more beneficial solution for all parties involved. Yes , even the government will benefit  from increased income for those current poor, taxes!

     Voting is the way to bring about   "change"  back to  America... the growing, emerging America.  We have come too far in this country to turn back now..

                        Vote, take back your America. . .

                                           There is no pie in the sky . . .

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