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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Keep the Black Man Down!!!!!!!!! High Tech Lynching!!!

                                       "I have never sexually harassed anyone...
                                   A thorough investigation concluded these claims had no basis"

            I thought this country  had come very far in terms of race relations. I come from the generation of "Busing," government's way to "fix" race relations.  Yeah, that went over well!   When a black man was elected President of the United States that should have ended a lot of the Black White "thing," now most people understand,  people are people.  However, racism has raised it's ugly head again.  It's as surprising as it is shameful, seems the  left wing news media has taken it upon  themselves to "keep the black man down."
            The black man in question has done well for himself, his family, is a successful businessman   and it seems he knew it would happen.  As soon as this black man made a real impact on the race for President,  things changed.  (He was "safe" as long as he was near the bottom of the barrel.)  Oh, did I mention this black man  is  a conservative?
              Herman Cain, a Georgia businessman who is  now near the top of national polls in the Republican presidential race  is dealing with the fallout of old sexual harassment accusations  by two unnamed women. Women who  agreed, about 12 years ago, not to talk about it. The  fact these women agreed  not to talk about it makes one wonders, if it was for money  and   what are the motives of those who brought the issue to light. This doesn't address if the original accusations were even close to the truth. 

           An on-line news organization reported  two women complained about sexually inappropriate behavior while working for Cain at the National Restaurant Association  years and years ago, neither woman was identified. The original report was strangely based on anonymous sources and a review of documentation that described the allegations.  It sounds as if no women were actually interviewed about  accusations and  if these women  even knew  what was going on or  care.
   I feel certain nobody has ever made accusations that weren't true, right?  It is pretty safe to say, anyone reporting the story now has no idea if any of these accusation are even remotely true.
     Brent Bozell head of Media Research Center, called the story a "high-tech lynching," bringing back memories of  Clarence Thomas'  Supreme Court confirmation hearings 20 years ago, where he was confronted with  so-called sexual harassment from a one time employee.    
         Debbie Dooley a leader Atlanta Tea Party Patriots said,"I think the left is totally and completely terrified of a conservative black man coming to power and prominence. They are trying to do the same thing to him that they did with Clarence Thomas."
          Ann Coulter said,"It's outrageous the way liberals treat a black conservative."
          Rush Limbaugh said: "This is about blacks and Hispanics getting uppity. … (Liberals) cannot have a black Republican running for office, can't have a Hispanic, the Left owns those minorities, those two groups can't be seen rising on their own. He went on to say,"This is gutter partisan politics, and it’s the politics of minority conservative personal destruction."
 News Media, left wing news media, stop and  ask yourself, what you are doing?   What if  this was a democrat candidate and all you had were anonymous sources and a review of documentation  would you even considered going to press? NO, you would not.......... and didn't... remember the Clinton accusations with all the proof, named sources, living, talking witnesses and victims? Some brushed it off as merely a vast right wing conspiracy.

What has the media come to? 
Since this story broke   people all over who want to talk and tell their side of the story or at least that is what we are hearing. OOOPS! Maybe that is why you signed an agreement not to talk,  so you won't talk, you agreed not to and evidently got money in exchange for keeping your mouth shut. There must have been a reason you took the money and agreed not to say anything?? However, now there is more money involved in talking and you want to talk. Makes one wonder, what you might say for the right amount of money?  Sort of slants your point of view don't you think? By the way that was 12 years ago.  The world was a difference place and sexual harassment  cases were all over. Remember the guy who got in hot water for having a pin-up girl on his locker.  I am just saying be careful, something about this doesn't smell  all that great! If it smells like soup, it might be soup or whatever...

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  1. It's a slippery slope and those involved had better be careful.... agreeing not to talk until there is money involved doesn't look good for those who agreed not to talk in the first place.
    SOunds like a Clarence Thomas all over again to me.
    Why do black conservatives have such a hard time where as black democrats get by with all kinds of things? Interesting don't you think?