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Monday, November 28, 2011

Vote to get this country out of the entangled mess ...................

          I don't care who you voted for in the last Presidential election, that's over. It's time to focus on the upcoming election, ask yourself and answer yourself, honestly, what positive things has the current President done for you, your family and your future family? What has he done for this country? I didn't say what has he done "to" this country but "for" this country.

         I dare say there are  lots of people  receiving some kind of government aid, food stamps, welfare, grants, assistance for this or that, unemployment benefits, over and beyond what you have paid in the system. Just so it is clear, when I speak of government aid I am not talking to seniors who worked all of their lives and paid into the social security system, they were told, would  take care of them when they retired. (A system they were forced to pay into and would have been fine today if the government had left the money alone and used it only  for the purpose it was collected .) Nor am I speaking to people who are truly disabled. I am, however, also speaking to over paid under working government employees and a lot of politicians, who  fall into the previous category.

        All the people getting aid, you  had better think hard about who you want as your President, when the money is gone it's about class warfare, you are going to see class warfare like you have never envisioned.  You won't be on the winning side.
          Everyone had better vote smart this time! By that I mean,  don't vote  to try to undo past wrongs. Vote for the person that will  get us out of the horrible mess the current President and the economy has entangled  our country. 

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