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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Newt, What He Beat his Mother?

                                                                          Sad but true!
                 No, not that Newt beat his mother, he didn't however, "the powers that be"  have successfully caused  Herman Cain's slump in the polls.  Now that  Newt has risen to the top it's time for "the powers that be"  start spreading rumors about Newt.  Beating his mother might work, I can see it now, an unnamed source close to the campaign  said Newt beat his mother and could have.......  Of course the source will be unnamed, at least at the beginning and you know the rest of the story!
             It is not a bad thing that Newt has risen to the top, as a matter of fact Newt would make a great President he is a very smart person. I dare say, much  smarter than the current sitting President with loads more experience  and an understanding of how government works and doesn't work. The former Speaker of the House has  actual ideas of how and what to do to help this country  internally and help bring the United States'  standing  back with the rest of the  world. We can thank the current President for making the U.S. look like a second rate country with nothing to be proud of and all kinds of reasons to apologise.
           I am interestrest in finding out  who is/are  "the powers that be". 
What are your ideas on, "the powers that be"?

1 comment:

  1. Everybody has something they don't want the world to know but when they start making up stuff it sad just sad..
    As far as I have been able to find out there wasn't much to the claims of sexual harrasment by Mr. Cain. Any one else know for sure????
    The write of this blog, if you know, will you inform all of us?