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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Who Said What? Who Cares? Update On The Herman Cain Story

          The latest on the Herman Cain story, seems one of Mr. Cain's accusers  is changing her tune about her willingness to speak out about sexual harassment allegations she made  back in the 90's. Somebody, who knew somebody, who knows somebody close to the Cain situation said recently no decision has been made about asking the NRA to release an unnamed person from a confidentiality agreement she signed.
            Joel Bennett an attorney for an unnamed Herman Cain accuser said his client asked him to stop talking to the news media, Mr Bennett told this to a news media reporter.

On Wednesday Bennett said," I stand by everything I said" after talking to several news media outlets.
 This entire story sounds like a He said, she said,  an unnamed source said, not to say, I said!

1 comment:

  1. LOL this gets better and better, after all this is politics in the US why bother with what is going on in the country this far more important.......
    It looks like a Black conservative gets no respect from the news media.