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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan, Nuclear Power Plant and an Earthquake

     Not just an earthquake but, one of  if not, the worst earth quake in Japan's history. Here is  what probably happen and what maybe happening inside the reactor or reactors, the water in the Japanese nuclear reactor is gone or almost gone. It is hard to tell now if it burned off or leaked out because of the  damaged done by the earthquake to the cooling system of the plant. The danger lies in the design of   the reactors. The rods(plutonium or uranium) that  are submerged into the water, that causes the heat, that produces the steam, that turns the turbines, that causes the production of electricity, have very little or no water to cools them down.  Other rods called, control rods,  that are put into the water to slow down or stop the reaction were put into the water when the earthquake hit stopping any further reaction however the (plutonium or uranium) rods were still very hot, so hot in fact the heat caused huge amounts of pressure to build up inside the already pressurized  room or chamber where the radioactive material is kept.
    Since I  have not been in the reactors, since the quake, this is not an description of what happened but rather what may have happened, I want to make that perfectly clear, unlike some media accounts you have or will hear.
     The latest news being "reported" by other media is, the water is gone from one of these reactors and the rods are still hot, very, very hot. Stay tuned for more information. I will "try" to get the real information.
     The latest news from Japan is, what the US said about there being no water in the reactor was untrue. A NRC official  made the comment about there being no water in the reactor yesterday during a hearing before congress. It's hard to tell why he said what he did but Japan's officials say it's not true. Think about this, a government official not telling the people the truth.........  not all that hard to believe, now is it? One of these days we might find out the"REAL" truth, but for now we really don't know. We can hope for the best, after all, it seems our government is running on hope these days...

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