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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where's the beef?

          The people of the United States are asking you, Mr. President, "Where's the Beef?".
 Where is the beef in  the United State sandwich, in other words, what is your plan Mr. President? Your speeches and talks sound impressive  but what is your plan?
It's one thing to say, the burger is good, the best around, has always been the best, better than any other, AAA etc. but with no meat it is EMPTY. Where is the beef?

          You wanted to be President, you were elected and  now President, that doesn't mean you just acting like a president. No, you have to actually do something, plan, work and I might add, stop  campaigning  the election is a ways off, show the people that voted for you last time you  deserve to be reconsidered much less re-elected. If I had my way, well that is another subject all together ... anyway . . .

          Mr. President, before you spend another nickel  come up with some kind of plan to get the US out of this mess. And another thing, I don't give a rats "whatever" about  what other Presidents left you, it's time to stand up, admit you wanted the job, you accepted the job and told the people you could handle the job.  Now show those that voted for you,  you can do  more  than spend this country into more debt.
          Mr. President, action speak louder than words! So far you actions have spoken volumes but... they haven't said you can do the job, know what the job is or have any plans to do the job any better now or  in the future!

  Where's the beef? The beef is; you haven't done, aren't doing and have no plan to do what is necessary to bring this country back from the huge debt we are currently in.  Unless of course one considers getting deeper into debt as a way out of debt.
 Mr. President,  if  your plan is, getting deeper into debt to get the country out of debt, use your own personal credit card and leave the credit card of the people, their kids and grand kids alone!!!!!!
 By the way, have a nice vacation in the $30,000 to $40,000  a week vacation house you'll be using. I feel so much better knowing the Obamas will be paying for their share of the vacation home and the taxpayers are paying for the White House staff and all of the security the people, just like we did last year!!!!

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