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Monday, August 29, 2011

Guidance and Direction from "The State" -

           Irene swept up the east coast this past weekend, although damage was not as great as had been expected, ... there was damage and lots of damage. Power outages are still  affecting millions of people as well as the aftermath of flooding, high winds and downed trees. Parts of the Outer Banks of NC are now cut off, as the water split the main road and formed a new water way to the back bay.
          The President of the United States spoke to the people, especially those who had been adversely affected. The president told those  in the wake of Irene, to get outside, when it is safe to do so, and help each other in this time of need. Check on your neighbors, come together and start to  rebuild, first your spirit, then your homes and lives. The  government disaster teams are on their way to help you. OH NO, WAIT... HE WOULDN'T SAY ANYTHING LIKE THAT.....!!!!!! This is the Obama - Government Can Fix Everything  - Administration. He said" I urge Americans in affected areas to continue to listen for the guidance and direction of their state... ."
            Americans  are "can do" people. Americans, able to take care of themselves, do  so and, if possible, help those who can't. I guess, it struck me the wrong way when I heard the president of the United States of America telling people to take guidance and direction from "the state." ( It's this mind set that worries many people in this country)
            I am pretty sure  he meant well, but he should know by now, "the State" isn't what makes this country GREAT, it's the PEOPLE!
 ( I am not implying there is anything wrong or evil  with the help  coming from State workers or aid in the form of $'s.)
We all need to remember, the power comes from the people not the government.

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