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Friday, May 14, 2010

3 Immigrants Arrested!

3 Arrested On Immigrations Violations

      It is simply horrible, three men were arrested on immigrations violations. However, it should come as no surprise. People and officials have been talking about the new Arizona law for some time now..."we knew this was going to happen, it was only a matter of time." "They are only beginning to "round them up" it is going to get worse."
      The three men were arrested as authorities searched homes and businesses. "Oh My Gawd", residents were outraged and spoke of Nazi like police searching house to house. " This  is only going to get worse, I can't believe it is happening in this country." "What's next concentration camps?"
   As people questioned what the future might hold it became clear the three men were arrested and held on immigrations violations which are administrative, not criminal charges. Their names were  not being released by authorities.

        Hold on, "don't get your shorts in a knot"!
 First off, this had nothing to do with Arizona, the raids came about because of evidence gathered during the investigation into the Time Square Car Bombing attempt. The three men were Pakistani, not Mexican. Two were seizes in Boston,the third in Maine, by the F B I.
    The attorney General, Eric Holder told reporters, there is enough evidence  the men provided Faisal Shahzad an American  suspected in  the New York  car bomb attempt, with money. The FBI had not yet determined if the three actually knew the money was  going to be used for a terrorist act.
Some of the very same laws that Arizona  made  state law were used to "round-up" the men.
 Maybe that Arizona law isn't so bad or far fetch after all?????

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