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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gore Right About Climate Change!

Never thought you would here or read me say, Gore is right about climate change. He might not be right when it comes to a lot of things but he nailed this climate change thing right on the head. No, I am not talking about global warming...I am talking about the climate in the Gore house... Seems after 40 years of what most thought was martial bliss the couple has decided to call it quits. ( I take no joy in the fact that they have decide to split, none what so ever) But it seems by all accounts it is true! 
 I am not a fan of Al Gore's and have stated my opinion on his  views many times but when I was first informed of the news, I said to myself, the climate sure has changed for that household! This climate change was more personal and closer to home for Tipper and Al who let it be known thru emails sent to family and friends about the split.
       I wish the both of them the very best and if there is any chance of getting back together I hope it happens. There is that little voice deep inside that wants to know the real story.....
In any event life is no bed of roses and that is for sure!

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