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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mopeds, a real pain.... if not used properly.

First off let me say I have nothing against mopeds, moped makers, dealers or most folks that have them.
The "beef" I have is directed towards those moped drivers who  use the streets, roads and highways and pretend they are  like  any other car or motorcycle on the road.  To those folks here is a news flash, YOU ARE NOT!  I don't care how fast you think you are going or how important you feel when you put on a motorcycle helmet, that fact of the matter is, you are on a moped, you can't keep up with the traffic, you  slow the flow of traffic, are a danger to yourself and others and you can really "tick" people off, big time.
I "assume,"  those who lost their license  due to DUI's it is hard not being able to drive a "real" car or motorcycle however, there is a reason  you lost it and it is your fault. I am not sure who the "person," ( I use the term "person"  so as not to be calling people names)
  was that came up with or allowed DUI offenders to drive mopeds but they should have to follow one for a week.
  I was recently on NC Hwy. 10 and all of sudden came up to a pack of cars and one truck going very slow. Figuring somebody ahead  was having problems, I slowed. After awhile I thought to myself, why doesn't this person pull to the side of the road..... Just about that time I saw the traffic ahead of me round a curve. My blood started to boil, leading the pack of cars is a little moped in the middle of the lane making it impossible  for the cars to pass. This went on for about a mile despite the horns honking and people yelling. I attempted several times to pass the cars  and  moped at the same time but it was impossible, due to approaching traffic. Just when I thought I was going to have to stop and wait the moped turn off of the highway and into a convenient store. I hope that person got whatever it was they "Needed"  because the traffic jam they caused  and the boiling tempers was not a minor event, to say the least.
 I started to pull in and "have a few words" but decided it wasn't the best course of action and I was in a hurry. Hope their beer was cold and they hadn't caused an accident   by the time they got home. OK, I know I shouldn't have said that even though chances are very good it  was true but not knowing  I shouldn't make those types of assumptions.
 In any event those types of "drivers" are dangerous, there needs to be something done about the situation.
Have you ever encounter this or similar situation?

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  1. How about bicycles, some of them are worse, they don't accelerate near as fast as the mopeds?