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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Guilty or Not Guilty



           GUILTY.... got away with murder and any number of other verdicts have been floating around for the last few days after our court system deemed Casey Anthony not guilty of the murder of her daughter! There are any number of people, TV hosts and news peoples who   say she is guilty or that she got away with murder. I say, if any one of them know "for sure" where were they during the trial why didn't they go to the judge or the lawyers???   Truth is, they don't know any more than I know or you know, unless of course you happen to be Casey Anthony. Even then I am not sure she really knows what happen!

           It is my "Opinion"  OJ Simpson was, by all the evidence, proven to be guilty too a higher degree of certainty  than Casey Anthony ever was. Of course this doesn't make either one of them, guilty or not guilty. In both cases there are a total of three people   dead and nobody has been proven to have cased their deaths.   In the Anthony case it has never been proven there  was somebody responsible for her death. Accident or not, never proven. (Anyone would be hard pressed to say the deaths, in the Simpson case, were the results of an accident.) It's too bad the court didn't find out what happened (in the Anthony case) and too bad and very sad an innocent little girl is dead and "almost" nobody on this earth "knows" what happen.

           A TV show host said, "Casey Anthony is guilty!" Please say it is your belief, your feeling or what you think but don't  pass it on as  fact! If you are going to say it is a fact, tell us more or shut up!
 I guess this is the way the country is heading. People, of some importance, say things and because they say it, it makes it true(or so they believe).   Listen to the current president, He does this often....
But that, my friends, is  a story for another day....

          In any event, what do you "THINK" about the Anthony case?  Not sure if any of us cares much about Casey Anthony since it seems as if  she lies about everything and gets better and better at it...
        It is too bad  a young girl is dead and her mother doesn't know or won't say what really happened. . .
 How long was the child in the water?
 How did the child's body get to the side of the road?

If the grand parents knew why did they continue on with the search and tee shirts etc?
 What would you like to know if anybody was able or willing to answer?

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