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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tell us what you are really up to Mr. President?

         Mr. President what are you doing?  I am sure you wanted to be President even if it wasn't entirely your idea. I don't know exactly who backed you in your run to become President and as much as I and others would love to know, right now that isn't all that important. The important thing is, what you are doing to the country and why? I thought you had gotten way in over your head  as well as some of those around you. However,  I am torn, I am not sure if you really don't know what is going on or you have a plan for the country you believe is better than what we have had  from the beginning. In either case you are, to put it lightly, screwing things up big time. I do mean big time!!!!!!!!
 We are in more debt that in any other time in our history and recently you have started to create class warfare. What's going on? Things are not getting better and won't if you and the others in DC keep throwing money, our money, down the tubes, out the window, into companies that take it and go bankrupt. Mr President stop and think of  all the money that has been "thrown away" since you have been President. Now tell me and the other Americans what do you or we have to show for it?
You can use  fancy words and nice speeches but don't  tell me anything about jobs you have "saved" or about  jobs you have created especially if they are government jobs. A government job is  tax payer money being spent by the government to create more government. Creating class warfare isn't helping either.......


  Others have said, spending the people's money might  be what you are trying to do. Spend until things are so bad government (who screwed things up in the first place) has to step in and take over to "FIX" things, ...... again!
 You latest plan is pretty much like the first one. By the way, that didn't work either so why, pray tell, should anyone believe it is going to be different this time?
 My hope is, those left in  government that have any sense will try their hardest to stop you from "screwing up"  until the American people have a chance to vote you out  of the office of President of the United States. Hopefully  vote in someone with  business sense, who understands the way the economy works, who likes the form of government we have, who is willing to change the way government works and not change the the form of the government.

( It's hard to tell if the President is trying to bring  society and government to a more socialist  form or if he doesn't understand the way things works. It is hard for me to believe his is stupid or uninformed. )
I believe the media in this country did us all a disservice by not digging deeper into the current president's back ground and finding out exactly what he was all about before the election.
He, like everyone else in the country, has a right to his views on the way government should run. The media should have investigated and tried to find out  more about this man before  getting behind him and pinning theirs and some of the American people's hopes on his from of  CHANGE.   We still don't know what this guy is up to! One this is for sure, this has been a presidency of Change! In my humble opinion the Change has not been for the better.)

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