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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Federal Agents With Riot Gear Arriving In Murrieta To Subdue Illegal Immigration (Protesters)

"Federal agents will be arriving in Murrieta, Calif., the site of ongoing protests against the recent flood of illegal immigrants into the town, on Monday to quell protesters, Breitbart has learned.Murrieta has been in the news since June 1 when protesters blocked a convoy of buses carrying illegal immigrants to a local border patrol station. Protesters have not left yet, and federal agents are supposedly fed up with American citizens being concerned about their hometown. John Henry, a Murrieta resident for over two decades, was told by local officers that the feds will be barricading streets.“We’re being told that federal Marshals or ICE will be here in the next few days and that they are bringing riot gear,” Henry said. “They’re apparently going to be blocking off the street with concrete blockades so that no vehicles can get through. The River County Sheriff’s Department showed up last night and brought a huge watch tower that shoots up into the air 35 feet.”??"( source Daily Caller)
     No , this isn't a story about the Fed trying to stop Illegal immigration but rather  stop American citizens from protesting an  illegal activity!


  1. What is happening in this country is simply unbelievable

  2. Is race playing a negative part in this situation? If either if the past 2 or 3 Presidents had done with the current President is doing there would be an uproar by congress , both parties , the media and the people of all races ! But it appears nobody wants to be called a racist because of the color of the President's skin! Which is silly , the color of somebody's skin doesn't matter except the ability to use the fact to get by with illegal or at the very least wrong unconstitutional behavior by the President!