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Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA - For your safety?

First off, let me say I have flown many times  within the U.S. and outside, I don't mind searches or scans and don't see the big deal. Scans don't hurt and nobody touches you, if you don't want to be scanned or touched  drive......
That said, I have a very important question to ask the tax paying citizens of the US. How many terrorist has the nearly 4 Billion dollars, of your money, the government has spent on the TSA, stooped boarding a plane?  I think that is a reasonable question to ask of our government after they spent 4 Billion of our money.  How many?

Don't get me wrong I think the government should be  looking out for the citizens and trying to stop attacks before they happen but ......
They, the government, don't need to be spending 4 Billions of our money for things that have not worked. . . and why on earth do they tell everybody what they are doing? Why do they announce to the world what they are looking for, what methods they are using? Why tell the world where they are not looking?
 Government is a good thing but some of the things they do are border line, if not  down right, "stupid."
Somebody please tell me why they would tell the world how many scanners they have and where they are using them????????
Scan everybody who enters all airports no exceptions or at least tell the world that is what you are doing!!!!!!!!
  I smile at the TRUE story of a TSA agent who took an item from a pilot... wonder if the agent ever thought, if a pilot wants to down a plane he or she can just use their hands........
 Protect us as best you can government and if what the TSA is doing is your best shot, save the money and just lie, tell everybody you are scanning everyone at every airport in the US and those airports that  have flights into the US

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