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Monday, January 3, 2011

$2.99 per gal is NOT CHEAP or is it?

Gas $2.99 per gal, that's a good price these days?

What happen to, "DRILL BABY DRILL"?
 What will it take for this government to "get it"? I know the president said he would like to see gas over $4-$5 a gallon. I am not sure what planet the president is from, just kidding, but  for everyday people this will be a disaster. The president believes that at $4 to $5  a gallon will cause people to get serious about getting the price down  in a variety of ways but that method will hurt a lot of people.. Get real Mr. President!
  I have to wonder if there isn't a real, may be a spiritual, reason Alaska has "one of" the biggest oil reserves in the world. I wonder why the greatest nation in the world doesn't tap into   100% natural  source of power, oil.   100%  Natural!!!!!

 There is no reason the greatest nation in the world needs to go backward  but rather move forward,  somebody  needs to lead the way.....
Your thoughts.........

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  1. What I see is things getting worse in the future