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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

$$$ Gas $$$ Over $3.00!

$$$ GAS PRICES $$$ Over $3.00!

      With gas prices rising above the $3 mark  while people are still hurting, what is the government doing? One must also ask the media, why are they not asking the questions they asked, almost daily, when George Bush was president?
      The United States has the oil but for some strange reason , "we" expect the rest of the world to supply us! There are people, groups, in the US that don't want the mess  and seem not to care what this is doing to the families of the country. It's time  we took care of ourselves and tell those that would put an animal or plant above the well being of people to step back and put people first.
 In most cases any problems that might be caused, can be solved!
 It's time to start taking care of ourselves!
Yes, it's that simple!

 What do "you" think?


  1. Seems there is a double standard when it comes to the media and what party holds the White house. I am not sure what's up with this but, I remember the price of gas was a big deal on the evening news every night when the last president was in office. IT's getting back to those levels where is the outrage? It is scary, like nobody is looking out for the people................

  2. Big oil hold our politicians in their pockets. Big Oil/ Unions are and have been pulling the country down since the 1970's. The people let the government controll our destiny for TOO long. Alternative fuel sources SHOULD be a priority even though it is NOT.

  3. Brian, the declining dollar - rising deficits, the gubmint printing $$ whenever it feels like it - is driving up gas costs. Just because Uncle Sam says a dollar is a dollar doesn't mean other countries who sell us oil believe it. I'd say the dollar will stabilize when tax revenues and the economy go up. Course, by then, competition for oil will rise, driving up prices even more.

    FYI, I paid $1.44 a gallon in Richmond in December 2008.

    I think in 10 years, everyone will have at least one electric car.

  4. When I bought my first car, in Richmond, Va, a 1968 Camaro, in 1974, gas was 33 cents per gallon. Today it is over $3.