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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union Address

We don't need any one to tell us what state the union is in,  we need  someone to  help us out of the "state " we're in.
 hint:  Having Dems & Reps sitting together won't "cut it"!
 We do not need  a speech to make us "feel" good, we need a plan, a real plan, to get us back on the "right track". No more "pie in the sky",  mum-bo, jum-bo!

 There is  WASTE in our government that could be cut out, PURE and SIMPLE!
  Just DO IT!
The government should not be in the Museum business, Art business and cut . . .  
"• At least $55 billion in annual program overpayments;
$60 billion for corporate welfare;
• $13 billion on 9,287 earmarks in the recent omnibus spending bill;
• $25 billion in unused federal property;
• $123 billion for programs for which government auditors can find no evidence of success;
• $140 billion in potential budget savings identified in the CBO “Budget Options” books; and
• Massive program duplication, such as the 342 economic development programs, the 130 programs serving the disabled, the 130 programs serving at-risk youth, and the 90 early childhood development programs."
"This time" don't increase spending by the amount, or more,  than was  cut! Savings should be mandated to go toward reducing the debt not new spending! This can be done.

( in our own country)

If "it" (whatever,"it" is) is good enough for the people of the United State it is good enough for the people in the government!

 No special rules, no exceptions!!!!!!!!

This would be a start in the right direction. . .

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