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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A 40 cal. Bullet Piereced The Kitchen Window

These  pictures are what happens when somebody shoots into your kitchen window. What the pictures don't show are the tiny shards of glass  all over the floor, counters, table, in cups, rugs,  sink  and in my hair! The bullet also hit the wall and ceiling before it came to rest on the floor  less than, 3 inches of where I had been sitting and a foot   from where I was sitting at the time.
People need to be more responsible  for their actions. This irresponsible act landed, at least, one person in jail but it could have put one person  in a coffin. 
Not sure where the other bullets I heard went, I  only felt and saw this one.

" By the way, it is illegal to fire a weapon within 500 feet of a residents, in this county."

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