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Monday, December 26, 2011

The government did it again???

You  know or have  heard about  the Tax holiday for the working people?  That is where the government is going to deduct less from your paycheck each pay period!  Well actually, what they are not going to do is what they have not been doing for awhile now. Awhile ago the government wanted to keep your support so they decided to take about 2% less from your paycheck. They made a big deal about helping the working class etc.. The money they were going to stop taking from your check was the money you paid into social security. Well not exactly, that is the way it started out  but way back around President Johnson's time they decided to take that money from the social security fund and put it in the general fund, giving politicians more money to buy more votes AKA have more programs  so they could redistribute  the money from those working to whom ever they wanted. It was WRONG, the money was to be used for social know, when the people who had  worked and earned the money retired the government would give them a check every month and claim it was from the government  but it was from the companies and the workers....
          The government took/stole that money and used it for all kinds of paying for illegals to get healthcare, paying people who wouldn't work to go back to school so they could( cough-cough) get retrained for a new job (cough-cough), or take the money, drop out then reapply for more money to go to another school for another reason etc... There may have been some good uses  but it was still wrong, they were stealing ! It was money politicians stole from one fund to use for other reasons.  The sorry fact is they are still doing it!!!
           Anyway, the sad story is this tax holiday is going to be paid for, .....paid for by home owner, those who are trying and will try to buy a home.Yep it's going to be paid for by added fees to mortgages. So if you or your kids are going for a mortgage...well you guessed it you will pay. And for what, so this administration can say they are "FOR" the working man.. Sounds a little like they want your vote, now doesn't it?
           When house republicans tried to stop it they were called all sorts of names and said to be for tax increases for the working man, a voters enemy all sort of crap and the media chimed right in helping to keep government they way it has been.
          Folks, I am hear to tell you, the government lies, they lie everyday! The next time you hear anything about the social security trust fund  know this; there is no social security fund, it's all coming from the general fund and we all know the general fund is going out to all sorts of people for all sorts of crazy reasons.

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