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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

United States:Time to speak up and get tough..

TEHRAN, Iran -Iran's navy chief says his country can easily close the strategic Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, the passageway through which a sixth of the world's oil flows.

Adm. Habibollah Sayyari told state-run Press TV Wednesday that the navy is in control of the vital waterway and can readily block it. It was the second such warning from a senior official in two days.

Vice President Mohamed Reza Rahimi threatened Tuesday that Iran will close the strait, cutting off oil exports, if the West imposes sanctions on Iranian oil shipments to punish Tehran for its nuclear program, which the west suspects is aimed at making weapons.
 If the United States had any (excuse me for what I am about to say) balls they would come right out and tell Habibollah, " Mr. Habibollah,  the US wants you to know, even though we don't have much of a leader these days and it has been hard to keep the respect we deserve, for the help we give the world, you are(excuse me again) pissing us off.  Sit back and take it easy because if you close down the Hormuz you are going to get the beating that will make you and your momma cry and I promise you, crying won't be the only thing!
Yes, Mr. Habibollah, I know the US has been wimpy lately, fighting wars with our hands behind our backs, telling  country after country we are sorry for fighting in your country then rebuilding it, helping nations all over the friggin world with cash, we don't have etc. BUT Mr. Habibollah, screw with the oil and we will screw with you and more. As a matter of fact our planes aka bombers are ready so  go back to whatever it was you were doing before you decided to play Mr. Badass and all will be forgotten. Or go ahead and try to close the
Hormuz and your sorry ass will be Hormuzs. I promise you , your country, your troops and you personally don't want to experience the wrath of a pissed off United States. Something the world hasn't seen for awhile!

 Then back it up with about three or four warships and a carrier or two heading that direction
Now hows that for being politically correct?

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