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Friday, April 8, 2011

Democrats can't blame this one (if it happens) on the other side, neither can the President. ( Government shut down)

Government Shut Down, Who is Really to Blame 

 I don't want to hear any of the "Stuff" that is being "bounced" around in the media about how the Republicans are trying to cause the government to shutdown. The TRUTH is, the budget they are trying to pass  is the 2011 budget, about 6 months late. Yes, six months... think about this for a minute... six months ago the Democrats controlled the House, Senate and the White House,  they could have passed any budget they wanted. Do you understand,  any budget they wanted, remember, they held the majority in the House, Senate and the White House. If the Democrats had done what they should/could have this issue wouldn't even be an issue.

   If you hear anybody talking about or commenting on  the Government shut down and they try to blame it on the Republicans be polite and tell them the truth.
 The Democrats in congress failed to do their job in the past and and have caused this mess and the Democratic President is "still"  or should I say "is"
letting the government shutdown. 
"Mr. Obama’s threaten to veto  the Republican plan the House passed  that would keep federal agencies open another week.  The plan cut $12 billion in spending and provide the Pentagon with money through Sept. 30. Republicans hoped the legislation, which passed 247 to 181, was a serious effort to avert a shutdown.  So it seems the Republicans  have come up with another plan to stop the shutdown but the President has said  if it comes to his desk he will veto the bill. "IF" is the key word because, " Senate Democrats indicated they did not intend to bring the House-passed budget extension to a vote, drawing outrage from Republicans."
 Now just who is doing what abut the budget and who has not done what they should have concerning the budget?
 No matter what happens  the "lawmakers" will still get paid! Wait ... they will still get paid? Still get paid?  Some of them caused it yet they will still get paid? GO FIGURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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