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Monday, April 11, 2011

Let My People Drill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 WE Need Action Mr. President, Not Talk

                Oil is as Natural as Seawater      

                        Not Man Made                                               

   When $3.69 is a "good deal" for a gallon of gas it's time the President of the United States of America stands up for it's people. Mr. President of the United States of America, if  you do nothing else, make sure the drilling permits that have already been granted are distributed so those that have the leases can drill. 
   As a side note:  Open up parts of Alaska! I, for one, could care less if we tick off a few polar bears or whatever kind of animals are in Alaska, we need to drill. Drilling does NOT  kill the animals and oil is natural, straight out of God's green earth, so go hug a tree and thank God for a natural source of energy.
    I am tired of your excuses and lies. You act like and  sound like, you are upset because the US companies that have leases aren't drilling but on the other  hand you restrict them from drilling. I see you had no problem lending "our" money to companies in Brazil so they can come to the Gulf of Mexico and drill for, what should be, "our" oil. You even went to Brazil and told those companies the United States would be a good customer. No, Mr. President we should  not be their customers,  we should be selling our excess oil  not buying what  we need.
What do you not understand? Oh wait, I forgot the citizens of the United States of America are paying for all the gas and jet fuel you you feel no, "paon at the pump"
 Don't start telling me and the people of the United States of America it will take 5,10,15 or 20 years before we will get gas from the oil. That is "old hat" and doesn't matter anymore! Oil is on the stock market now and speculation plays a big part in the price!!!!!! If you announce, the United States,  in all it glory, is going to drill for it's own oil/gas ( and then do it or make sure it gets done) that in itself will affect the price! Try it and see!  Mr. President, whatever it is you are   doing now is not the way what are you doing now? Oh yeah, NOTHING!!!!!!!!

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  1. I don't believe the man knows what he is doing much less, what to do!