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Monday, April 4, 2011

Just Tell The Truth President Obama? Oil Leases & Permits

     In a speech last week I heard President say he was troubled, the owners of so many oil leases were not drilling. They have plenty of "energy" but are not drilling,  he "seemed" puzzled if not a little upset, they were not drilling for the "energy".
Maybe this article from the Wyoming might explain some of the problem Mr. President. (As you will see you/your administration are to blame)... 
  "The petroleum industry sued the federal government Monday to try to force action on a backlog of hundreds of unissued federal oil and gas leases in the Rocky Mountain region.
The Denver-based Western Energy Alliance and six companies based in Colorado, Wyoming and Oklahoma filed suit in U.S. District Court in Cheyenne.
The lawsuit focuses on 118 leases in Wyoming and Utah that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has not issued despite selling them to the companies at public auctions as long ago as November 2005. The lawsuit said the Mineral Leasing Act required the BLM to issue the leases within 60 days.
The lawsuit seeks an order to issue the backlogged leases and to require the BLM to issue all future leases within 60 days of sale.
Region-wide, hundreds of leases sold in the past few years -- 1,057 in Wyoming alone -- still await decisions on whether they ultimately will be issued or not. Companies have paid more than $100 million for unissued leases across the region, money the government has not offered to refund while also not granting the go-ahead to drill on public lands, the lawsuit said.
"Instead, the lease payments are held by the defendants in an unproductive capacity for months and years with no certainty as to when either the leases will be issued or the lease payments refunded," the lawsuit stated.
Interior Department spokeswoman Kendra Barkoff declined to comment."

     What say you Mr. President????
 *Those that actually have the leases need permits before they can drill...................
   The federal government’s refusal to grant permits is the reason why those* companies are not drilling!!!Jeff Dunetz (Big 
Want to give that speech over again and this time tell the American people the truth???

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  1. He won't tell us why he doesn't want the United States to drill because he knows the truth will kill his chances of fooling the people again in 2012. I hope the people no matter what race or religion they are see this guy for what he is OR what he isn't!!!!