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Monday, April 2, 2012

Death, Killing, Murderer, Self Defense, Lies

Black people, should 

 really be ticked off at NBC.  NBC  tried to and did 

get a lot of people up in arms by their false

 reporting of the  News’ coverage of the

 Trayvon Martin shooting.  NBC wasn't playing  

 the race card they were being racist. They

 knew, the way they miss reported  the story 

 would tick people off, especially black people  

 and cause them to watch, call or text 

their friends,  and associates and instruct them 

 to tune in as well as blog about this story.

   NBC  in my eyes, you are low down,

 lying, scum! LDLSNBC. Allowing the editing of

 the 911 call tape of  George

 Zimmerman, Trayvon’s shooter called

 911 prior to his confrontation with Trayvon

 Martin. NBC you caused violence...

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