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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 Thanks for your attention, watch this and think !!!

                                                       Think about what you just saw.
                                                                Remember to vote !!!!
                                                         Or We Could Be, All Washed Up!!!!!


  1. Obama is doing just about all of this right now! Why can't people see what is going on?

  2. It is so very clear to those that were not taken in by his charm and those that saw his race as a way to prove to the world and themselves this country is not racist. That should not be an or the issue next time we had better vote for the best person for the job and make sure he or she has some real world experience. The current President lives in a state of hope and change not the real world.

  3. The young wanted to prove something, they saw a black man, hope and change and voted. I have faith in the young they have seen the reason you do not vote with races as an issue!
    Vote for the person who can best run the country not for someone because of their race. This problem will come up when the first woman runs for President, we can only hope it is someone who is ready and good for the country.