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Monday, April 23, 2012

It's a simple mathematical exercise that can predict the future. It works every time! Be 

honest and don't look at the list of outcomes below until  you have done the math!

Ok, just do it!

Future Quiz:

1. Pick a number from 1-9.

2. Multiply by 3.

3. Add 3.

4. Multiply by 3 again.

5. Now add the two digits of your answer together. Find out what you most want to see

    happen  in the future from the list of, "17 things you would like to see in the 


Future Events LIST: 

> 1. A smart car in your drive way

> 2. Soy milk in your fridge

> 3. New clothes

> 4. Energy saving light bulbs in every lamp and light in your house

> 5. A new bicycle and riding clothes

> 6. A trip to the White House in Washington DC

> 7. A new water fountain and pool in your yard.

> 8. $389.86 added to your bank account

> 9. The Obama Farewell Speech of 2013

> 10. $3,984.23 added to your bank account

> 11. An unexpected bill for$436.29

> 12. A night out on the town and $ 666.000.00 to spend.

> 13. Free subs for a week at a Sub-Way

> 14. A winning scratch off lottery ticket

> 15. Free Car wash each week for a month

> 16. A new heat pump and $303,000.00 in your bank account

> 17. Green Grass and a lawn service for 2 years.

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