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Friday, February 18, 2011

Embarrassing to be a Democrat. State Senators Threw a Tantrum

     The Democrats in the Wisconsin state senate fled the state.. (it's not a good day to be a Democrat when your elected Senators run  to and hide in another state to avoid a vote.)
The Wisconsin Senate convened for a short time on Friday  to find the Democrats. The governor  was asked to send state police  to find the minority leader, Mr. Miller. The Wisconsin State Patrol was sent to find the missing  state senator. Senate rules, as well as the state constitution states absent members can be compelled to appear.
       While hiding Senator Mark Miller spoke to a morning show saying,"We left the state so we were out of the reach of the Wisconsin State patrol which has the authority to round  us up and bring us back to the legislature," Sounds like somebody knew they weren't going to  "get their way" and decided to throw a tantrum.
      I say it is time now to wipe the tears and get back to work, after all the governor is only doing what he was elected to do and although there are protestors there are a lot of other citizens that voted  to have a strong leader  make the hard choices. Not that this is a very hard choice since the teachers will not be giving up that much. If the truth be know this is more about Unions not liking the fact the new bill will not force state workers into a union, they will now have a choice.
      Wisconsin teachers made a mockery of the teaching profession by not teaching their students after a ill fated call by Mary Bell, head of the teachers UNION, to come to Madison...
       It should also be noted that the teachers union is still in a battle with the state over no cost, Viagra.

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