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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

President Obama Unleashes His Budget...$15 trillion in debt

Monday, President Obama presented his 2012 budget! A budget that "unleashes " the largest 1-year debt hike in the end of the fiscal year the debt will be over $15 trillion.
 Amid the increase spending  is a 10% increase in IRS spending for over 5000 new IRS agents, a 15 cent tax hike on gas and a reversal of parts of the bill the president signed recently, continuing the "Bush Tax cuts."
At the present time the government is borrowing about 42 cents of every dollar it is spending. President Obama, you are the president STOP spending money we don't have!!! Mr. President do you understand what spending money you don't have is doing to this country? At the current record debt level for each interest point increase, the government will have to pay an EXTRA $140 billion...... per year.

1 comment:

  1. This government doesn't what "cut spending" means.
    Just because you, me or the government doesn't increase spending money that does not cut the debt, what can't they understand. 5000 new IRS agents is a spending increase. 15 cent tax on gas is going to hurt the poor and middle income people in many different ways, the cost of driving will go up, the cost of most things we buy will go up...Stop spending money on crazy government project, we don't have to have new high speed railroads or tea pot museums as well as 1000's of other crazy "STUFF". I think it is time to get a business man or woman in the white house and start running this country as business or maybe a mother and run this country as a household. We all have to live within our means it time for the government to do the same.