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Friday, February 25, 2011

When Republicans are the Majority Party ...

Why is it when Republicans are the majority party there is a call for them to work with the Democrats, almost give in, but when the Democrats are in the majority they are somehow given a mandate to do the people's work.  Is this the truth or does it just seem that way?
 The people of Wisconsin elected republicans into the majority and they are now doing the people's will.  It is too bad more people who support their elected officials are not out showing their support but  the elections proves the will of the people more than any protest or anti-protest.
Times are difficult for most people but it is refreshing to see a government official, Govenor of WI, who is willing to cut spending instead of increasing taxes. There is one fact we all know, Dems., Reps. and Independents, there is plenty of waste, over spending and room for cuts in government spending. A fact the current US House, US Senate and President need to be aware of, if they are not already...
And while we are talking about the senate, the Wisconsin Senate Democrats need to get their sorry butts back to work and stop acting like spoiled brats. The people of Wis. elected them to do a job not to run and hide.

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  1. It seems the media in most places is more pro Democrat and that maybe why it seems Reps. are asked to "give in." More so then Dems. I think you got it right this time the majority party was or is who was elected and they seem to be doing what they were elected to do. The Reps and Dems are working in the WIS assembly and the Reps are working in the Wis Senate...