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Friday, February 18, 2011

State Workers Need Benefits More in Line With Private Sector

$3.66 Billion budget shortfall in Wisconsin.  Gov. Scott Walker, who was elected  on promises to cut spending is asking public employees to pay a small part of   their health care ( about 12.5 %) and make  partial payments to their own pension plan. The projected saving would be around $300 million in the next 2 years. His plan made it to the State Senate while  demonstrations were taking place at the Capital. Before any votes could be taken Senate Democrats  fled the state, in what could be called,  a cut and run move.

Unions  are in  part to blame for the state budget crisis by negotiating lavish benefit packages for public workers that have forced states to slash aid to schools, social services and important services. Wisconsin wants to limit unions to bargaining for salaries.

Ohio, Tennessee,  Indiana, Nevada and Florida are also looking for cuts that need to made.

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