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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Keep the Union Power and Lay Off 10- 12,000 Workers?

Governor Scott Walker, the unions are pushing hard, pushing hard to keep themselves alive. It is not about the children or even the teachers. It's now about the unions. Oh yes, and the budget!
  Wisconsin is having a huge budget problem, in order to the fix the problem, a problem he was elected to fix, the governor is trying to cut back the extras the teachers are receiving. He is not calling for cuts so deep that it would bring the government workers down to the level of the private workers. The unions with their power are costing the states money they need to balance their budgets. They want to cut  collective bargaining on the "extras" not salaries. So, it is not as bad as union signs and chants make it sound. Unions are upset, for a number of reasons,  Wisconsin decided to stop collecting the dues paid by city workers to the unions. (I am not sure why they ever decided to do this in the first place.) They also decided not to force teachers into the union if they don't want to be part, now that sounds like America to me.
 After all of this, the unions and some teachers still don't want to "give in."  I guess they would rather 10,000 to 12,000 teachers loose their jobs and they can hold on to their powerful union.............. I wonder if all the teachers agree with this path the unions are forcing the government down?

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