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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Interesting FACT's The President doesn't want you to know!!


The Medicare Prescription drug program has become one of the most successful and efficient government benefit programs in history. Not that this is anything to "write home" about but American's seniors depend on it each day. President Obama is trying to radically change the  the Medicare Prescription Drug Program. He is going to "fix" it with Medicaid-style price controls.( Oh no, here he goes again, trying to FIX something!) When the current President says he is going to fix something hold on to your wallets, the wallets of your kids and grand kids.
*Obama's Fix includes price controls and we all know how well  that has helped in the past..........

Medicare Rx drug premiums for millions of seniors will increase by up to 40%.

Annual costs for almost 18 million seniors will increase by as much as $208.

Total out-of-pocket drug cost for seniors and other medicare beneficiaries will increase by up to $3.7 billion per year  after the President fixes the system.
Sounds sort of like "the fix is in"


       There are some Senators in DC that are standing up for seniors and fighting to protect seniors, find out if your senator is one.
      Please, please remember all of this when it comes time to vote for President. It is a ways off but don't foget and don't let others forget.


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  2. This man is going to fix this country to it's knees, if not worse!I thank you for your blog and hope others will read and pass it along. We need to get this man out of a job that is way over his head. Too bad he didn't know what he was getting into, at least I hope he didn't, it's hard to believe the man is doing things to hurt this country on purpose. We need to vote for the man or woman best for the country and leave race, religion, sex etc. out of it....
    I feel this man was elected because of his race, so many wanted this to take place for the good of the country. I understand their thinking but this man wasn't the right choice. ( So many wanted it so bad they forgot to look at his inexperience. In case anyone is offended, relax this is in no way meant to be a racist statement.)
    We are free in this country to like or dislike the way a person handles a situation without paying any attention to race,sex or religion.