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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Virginia, you didn't, did you?

President Obama made a clean get away after his tour/campaign stops  through North Caroline, all be it, to much smaller crowds.( This may be a sign of his chances of taking NC next year's election.) He didn't fare as well in VA,  a truck carrying the president’s teleprompter, podiums, and audio equipment was stolen in Virginia, WWBT-TV reports.

The Department of Defense confirmed the theft, but it’s unclear if the thieves targeted the vehicle for what it contained or simply got “lucky.”The truck was parked at the Virginia Center Commons Courtyard Marriott in advance on Wednesday’s presidential visit to Chesterfield.
Sources  said the vehicle had about $200,000 worth of sound equipment, several podiums and presidential seals, behind which only the President himself can stand.
They told NBC12 around 12:30 Monday afternoon that truck was recovered in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express near the airport and hotel staff confirm police activity.  One guest of the Hotel said he saw various law enforcement agencies examining a white box truck parked there.
Still, even though the truck was recovered it’s unclear from reports if any of the equipment was removed from the vehicle or if it was just missing temporarily.
“No classified or sensitive information was in the vehicle,” a Defense Information Systems Agency spokesperson told WWBT. “We take incidents such as this very seriously and a formal investigation is continuing.”
Seems the President might not be feeling as much, "love" as he has enjoyed in the past. Maybe, "the people" have their eyes wide open,  of course it could be a complete coincidence and the thieves had no idea what they had snatched.

 As far as we know the $1.1 million, taxpayer funded, super bus is still in the hands and under the control of the government. Even though citizens may feel as though they are being robbed when taxpayer money is being used for these types of things by the President.

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