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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trick or Treat, the Obama Way!

          Trick on the American people and treat for American's enemies. Yes, the President saw to it that America's most powerful nuclear bomb was dismantled yesterday. He got it done  a year ahead of time without much fan fare, without much news coverage of American's biggest defensive weapon  being dismantled!!!

"The B53 wasn't just any old megabomb. It was the first bunker buster. US nuclear doctrine called for it to be delivered over suspected underground Soviet command-and-control facilities. The dumb bomb wouldn't destroy the command center alone  it would destroy everything remotely near it, leaving -- literally -- a smoldering crater. That was the US's plan for "victory" in a nuclear war.
"It was one heck of a whopper," Kristensen says. "We have nothing that comes close to it in the stockpile anymore. It's the end of an era."
The US "had" 400 of the mega-gravity bombs. "

          OK so who wants to re-elect him ?
          Obama did over see the elimination of a couple of "really" bad guys  in the world but  truth be known, if he had his way the information that lead to their elimination would not have been available. The record shows he was against many of the things that lead to these bad guy being caught and killed.
 So the big bad Mr. President isn't as bad as one might think. I didn't hear the President blaming the elimination of these bad guys on Bush  or claiming he inherited the elimination process. No, if it is bad it is Bush's fault but if he can gain from something he takes credit.
  Wake up America!

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  1. The best thing for everyone is for him to get out and we all learn from this massive mistake. It's not about race either it is about electing someone who has had some life experience and has done things successful things. The color of the skin doesn't make one bit of difference but what's in the person, like experience does.