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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

President Obama Scary?

   NO!      I am not talking about Halloween costumes, I am talking about what  President Obama said  yesterday, if you don't re-elect him you will be on your own.  Scary, NO!  These maybe  some of the most reassuring  words we have heard out of Washington in a long time.  As we all know, "on your own" is a misstatement by the President. When he doesn't get re-elected  someone else will.(That thought alone may jump start the economy.)
  In yesterday's speech the President tried, once again, to scare voters. The fact is he is scaring more people by  the actions he has taken and wants to try them again.   It seems the President can't get his own party behind some of his rather radical ideas and for good reason. The fact is he has had no experience in doing things he claims  will help the economy, things he tried and they failed  and now wants everyone to believe they will help this time, the second time around.
 Mr. President do the American people a favor,  go out and treat some of your party members and stop tricking the American people.

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