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Friday, October 21, 2011

Somebody Explain to This Guy How the World Works

                                                        God Bless/Help The USA

Campaigning, President Barack Obama on Friday declared an end to the Iraq war one of the longest and most divisive conflicts in U.S. history. He is President and in his mind what he says is true.  Announcing  to the world that all American troops will be coming home by year's end thus putting  an end to the war,  if the job is done or not.
Instead of stating, everything has been taken care of, the campaigning  Obama spoke of a promise kept and now it's time  to focus on building up the economy at home.
"I can report that, as promised, the rest of our troops in Iraq will come home by the end of the year," Obama said. "After nearly nine years, America's war in Iraq will be over",(because he said  so?)
Obama spoke after a private video conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, and he offered assurances that the two leaders agreed on the decision, just like the assurances he gave the American people about the first "job's bill about all those shovel ready jobs.
Obama, an opponent of the war from the start, took office and accelerated the end of the conflict. In August 2010, he declared the U.S. combat mission over.
"Over the next two months tens of thousands of our troops in Iraq will ready themselves  for the journey home," Obama said. "The last American soldier will cross the border out of Iraq with their heads held high, proud of their success and knowing that the American people stand united in our support for our troops." He didn't mention if there would be any civilians jobs for these braves troops when they returned home.
 I am confident  it is not  a good thing to let everyone know exactly when your are going to leave a conflict.  However it is a good thing when you are trying to get re-elected and can use it as a promise fulfilled.

 Lets bring this situation down to a kids level and explain it. You have three kids, one is being attacked by  a bully,  a third kid who is the biggest comes over to the small kid's yard and helps him beat up the bully. As the bully is laying on the ground the biggest kid says I have to leave at 4:45.
Not being an idiot, the  bully backs off knowing full well after about 4:50 he can come back and smack the  "you know what" out of the small kid, after all he knows exactly when the big is going home.
 If the big kid had said, I am not sure when or if I have to go home, the bully would have high tailed it out of there and probably stopped bugging the little kid.
Why tell the bully and the rest of the world your plans?

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