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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Short and Not Sweet!

          President Obama, this is a plea for you to leave office. To put it short and not so very sweet: The United States under your so "wonderful" leadership is now borrowing $2 million  a minute, yes a minute. That's about $4 billions a day. That money is no longer the taxpayer's money it's China's money.  You keep coming up with plans  to spend more and more each day on "wonderful" programs that you, and I guess, your wonderful staff  and or fellow democrats are trying to make us believe are going to help the country. (I want to say I am sorry to all democrats that are not a party to this man's  foolishness and probable evil plans.)
 But at $4 billion a day we need to do something and do something quick!!  I do not have the answer but I do know generations to come will be paying for this man's foolish mistakes and what seem to be, evil ways.
           Stop now Mr. President, borrowing $4 billions a day you are spending this country into real trouble and  putting the United States in a very dangerous situation with the rest of the world.
                                              STOP STOP STOP STOP!!!

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  1. God Help Us for We Knew Not What We Were Doing. Some that voted for him did so because we were proud not to be known as racist, that the color barrier had been broken and the US was now a free country. We may have voted for the right reasons we just found the wrong man.